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      • What on earth did you add to your farex this morning? toss it out or take it all at once would help you to write something of reasonable comprehension.  Excuse me if I've used words outside your abilities to construct sentences, and I thought I was not the best.

        Check to see if there was any Krytonite in the farex may help.

  • Greedtherson is waiting for manly offer to decide, as manly are deciding what to do with Walker 

    • Prove it!  RL players like so many other sportsmen and women have what are essentially short playing careers and a narrow life time line to make enough for them to go into the future, its how they use what they get that sets them up for life, they may chase money at different clubs to achieve that goal but many do that and fail at their new place.

      That happens especially when they get into strife and even the big coin means nothing when they are punted at contracts end, look at Dylan Walker as a classic case now, he wont get anywhere near what he's on now, maybe he will have to go the SL to even get a contract at all.

      Two big names at Penrith dumped to Canterbury cup, after swappy coach couldn't get the team going.

      Many players invest wisely, one from the old days is Sean Garlick who purchased a small bakery and its expanded to be one of the biggest pie makers in NSW, has government contracts to supply pies and the like to NSW Trains and other businesses. 

      Wise advice while the moiney making timeline brings results and I see Gutho in that same way also, he has this contract and if he has one more likely if he stays fit and basically injury free. He is a player who will get better and not like others who seek glory elsewhere and fame gets to them.

  • Bloggers may think differently - but i dont think any other fans would treat Gutho like Parra do. He will be insignificant at manly if we are being honest. 

    • He s not insignificant. Hes a fitness and effort style player who does try hard. He just doesnt have the same natural talent as others

  • Hes going 

  • Mark my words guth will re-sign

  • I hear he's re-signing over the next 48 hours..

    Why the're advised to go through this bullshit media charade is anyones guess.

    • Player managers mate, scum of the game along with certain media identities.

    • Bad publicity is always undone when its proven to be wrong, there will be a lot of smart (in their minds) journo's and RL experts on TV shows that will have dinasaur eggs over their faces this morning, and out of all that, good publicity this morning is double that of the last few weeks.

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