Commbank Stadium

For those not in the Parramatta area. Get used to the new name. The sign is not finished yet.9705630089?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Just went past it, looks finished.

  • Slugg, don't know if you have Foxtel but tonight at 10-15 on Docos , the Everly Bros ,Harmonies from Heaven, worth a watch.

    • Seth , I've seen it many times. Phill and Don's harmonies were beyond perfection. 

      • As if they were one Slugg. Graham Nash and David Crosby, " Whistling Down the Wire " an album from about 76 . Superb  for harmony,  " A Foolish Man " all time great song.

        • Pet Sounds great harmonies. I'm a big Brian Wilson fan. Also America

          • Pet Sounds is one of the all time great albums. Incredible. It had to be if it inspired The Beatles to create Sgt Pepper's.

            I'm also a big Brian Wilson fan. It's a shame that The Beach Boys brand was ruined in later years.

            CSN(Y) were great in many ways but The Beach Boys' harmonies were a lot more complex.

            • Pet Sounds was not a big hit in the US when it first came out.  The record company didn’t support it they released a best of album they wanted the surf, sun and bikinis stuff. In England it reached no 2 and was in the top ten for 6 months. But it certainly stood the test of time.

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        • 9706301655?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • I'm 75 Michelle is that a problem or a feeble attempt at humour? Don't make me angry  you won't like me when I'm angry. 

          • Pay her no mind Sluggy, if you were a fart I'm sure you'd still be nice and moist. 

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