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  • Who is this Anthony Mundine they speak of in this article?

  • What a complete moron. 'I'm better than Hayne...' yea at being a f**king wanker. 'I'm the best this country ever produced.' uh huh, better than Bradman? Better than Steven Waugh? Oh you're better than Lionel Rose? GET REAL, MUNDINE YOU MORON! I met you once and that was enough for me the way you carried on that night, pumping your hairless chest and saying 'I'm the Man...I'm the Man...'

  • lol . . . . I'm led to believe Choc Mundine is VERY small in the pants area :)

  • Seriously this guy needs to retire into the sunset and enjoy his money

    • He may have spent it all.

  • Seriously. How many dally ms did he win. Golden duck.
  • Why do reporters keeping asking this drop kick questions, the only fight he has won of any note is against green! That was one of the most boring fights I have seen!!! You need to disappear or at least your ego....
    • I don't know but I sure hope he did! Talking about boxing when are you and steve hopping in the ring wiz hahaha
  • He's delusional, always has been. Im not sure why we're surprised he said this or why its news worthy.

    The guy was a gifted footballer, but not the best and has obviously taken one too many punches to the head.

  • He's done his job here. People are talking about it, does he have a fight coming up or something?

    Also good work Denan Kemp, love the show and hopefully now some more people start watching.
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