Ciraldo linked with Parramatta

Now let us not take this too seriously at the moment, as late last year BA was as good as gone then got a two-year extension after pulling us out of bad form. This hear adds in what others have said in that Ciraldo is courting the Eels job.

Now, let's have some fun and actually go through this, doesn't mean we have to believe it, though i wouldn't mind as i've said Ciraldo since 2018. But why Parramatta instead of Wests for example. Junior pathways set up longer than Wests, centre of excellence done, no lower in fighting, Wests still have some issues with Balmain connection, Parra have an identity at CommBank, have a roster ready to compete somewhat, has a GM in O'Neill who stays out of everyday operations involving the squad. Ciraldo will go to a job where he has complete control and we would let him.

Now take it as you will but media are talking, when media talks the only way out is to win. This says we want minimum Prelim, i had that as my pass mark which would be fair enough, others say GF which is too far fetched. A prelim i would be satisfied with as it is improvement, anything less well is a failure. Yes no comp equal failure but you know what i mean.

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  • Arthur out

    ciraldo in 

    moses out

    burton in 


    • Moses will be better next year, he will have a better hooker. Moses is not the problem, Mahoney IS.

      • Agreed. We are too reliant on the halves to do it all this season. We need a playmaking Hooker. 

        • That's the key though isn't it we want our halves to be that along with the hooker and fullback.At the moment we are a foward dominated team and once our halves are frozen out that's where we get ourselves in trouble.

          If anything that's what we want the destiny of the team in MM & DBs hands.

          • One of the criticisms of hodgson is he doesn't get the ball to his halves quick enough, often overplaying his hand.

            • HKF when does Moses ever play first receiver from hooker anyway referring to Hodgson being slow?

              • If the first receiver gets it late than moses or Brown will be getting it late and it's not that hodgson is slow, he takes a few steps before passing.  Maybe the plan next year is for the halves to get the ball directly from the dummy half. 

      • I feel like Mahoney has already given up, let him go to the dogs now.

        • Player swap, mahoney for Marshall-King for rest of season.

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