Christine McVie RIP

Fleetwood Mac singer

Christine McVie, Hitmaker for Fleetwood Mac, Is Dead at 79

As a singer, songwriter and keyboardist, she was a prolific force behind one of the most popular rock bands of the last 50 years.

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    • They were a good band Bem and Nick's/McVie as lead vocals they were good to the eyes as well. Certainly not up there with the likes of Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple etc but very good in their own right 

      • Sorry PT47 but disagree. 

        Hate there music with a passion and will even go as far to change stations if one of their songs start to play.

        • I am the same with INSUX. Hate the music. I think I was the only person in Aust that wasnt sad that MH hung himself.

          • Agreed Legend. INXS is pretty much the worst Aussie band ever.

            • Seriously? Do understand the popularity INXS had in the UK and around the  world? worst Aussie band that's complete BS, they sold over 75 million records worldwide 

              • Yes I understand their popularity and I know how many records they have sold. Doesn't mean I have to like them.

                My comments are not based on their popularity or how many records they have sold but purely on my dislike of their music.

        • No worries Bem everyone's taste in music is different. 

        • You wouldn't hear too much Fleetwood Mac on JJJ anyways would ya BEM ? 

          • I don't listen to JJJ Wiz.

            That station is more for people like you.

      • Disagree Trooper , They're 100% up there with all of the above you've listed. Fleetwood Macs music will survive the ages just like any of theirs. Certainly better than Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.

This reply was deleted.

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