Christine McVie RIP

Fleetwood Mac singer

Christine McVie, Hitmaker for Fleetwood Mac, Is Dead at 79

As a singer, songwriter and keyboardist, she was a prolific force behind one of the most popular rock bands of the last 50 years.

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  • RIP

    She died at the age of seventeennine.

  • Legend ...😔



  • This reply was deleted.
    • Seems to be a lot of nuffys that nobodies ever heard of, getting obituaries here of late.

      Whats next? Mili Vanilli obituaries?


      • Lol that's a blast from the past. Always reminds me of that TISM song Lillee caught Dilley bowled Milli Vanilli. 


        • This reply was deleted.
          • Ah fucken awesome enjoy can't believe they are back lol 

      • Never heard of Fleetwood Mac? 

    • Just googled him, seems he's an account


    • Seriously you've never heard of Fleetwood Mac? Christine McVie is as well known as Stevie Nicks. Where you been hiding bro

  • who?

  • RIP

    No offence to the recently departed but Fleetwood Mac are trash and one of the worst bands ever.

This reply was deleted.

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