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Carney! Give me one last chance

At the daily planet carney pleads for nrl to give him a go. I reckon the human bubbler can fuck off had more chances than bill Clinton cheating on Hillary lol!! Nah I reckon fuck him enjoy the bush footy

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  • I think he'd be a handy signing for the right club on a low wage 1 year deal with incentives.

  • Carney can play the game. Very very talented. I know a few people who are in his circles who say he is a champion bloke just obviously a loose cannon on the piss. He would be a great pick up for any club and I see him fitting in to manly really easily actually on min wage.
  •  Having a team in the NRL that struggles to compete is not good for the sport. 

    Having Todd Carney feck up again is not good for the sport. 

    However, if Todd C behaves and makes Manly a top 8 contender, then it can only be good for the NRL.

    On balance, I say give the guy another go. He is very talented and can hardly bring more disrepute to the game than he already has.

    • I'm still at a loss how Todd Carney is not allowed back on the game when all he has really done is make a goose of himself and never actually hurt anyone yet a utter piece of shit like Russel Packer who stomped on the the head of a man who was on the ground unconscious after being punched by Packer and went to jail for it is allowed in the NRL .  


  •  Completely agree. Carney is a goat, but he isn't a thug. 

    • Agree also. On top of that on three occasions I've been at the trough when "men" have done their impersonation of the bubbler in front of a laughing "mate".  Two of these were before the Carney affair. 

      Don't get it myself, but hardly in the Packer or Lodge playbook.

  • Ive heard nothing about this or heard any rumours but i can see him ending up at the Titans. They now have plenty of  Jarryd cash to spend and Manly appear to be rooted when it comes to luring anyone at the moment.  Lol 

  • No time for the boy , i call him a boy because he hasnt growen up yet and dont think  he eber will , no

  • He's a dickhead but your ok with lodge coming back after he threatened a women's life and beat up a man in front of his wife and kids? Fuck some supporters are hypocrites
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