Can we still go all the way?

I still have some faith in this young team.. just not much lol. 

This particular game. 5 day turn around after playing in one of the wettest games you could imagine. Then having to play wet again. A wet track is a great leveller (who would have thought the Penrith Warriors game would be that close, are Penrith starting to choke?). We played a spirited team, the V's we're giving it all they had. The game just went against us, a couple of dropped balls where we should have been putting on the pressure, the ridiculous bunker calls etc, were enough with the obvious fatigue and resulting sloppy play to cost us the game. Last year  we would have lost by 20. I think with a dry track and a normal turn around we would have smoked them. (But not Penrith or Melbourne...)


The season as a whole? We’ve got a hooker and 5/8th who are still very inexperienced. A couple of tough games gets to young heads. The talent is there, but not quite the mental toughness yet. There has definitely been some silly passing the last few weeks. Hopefully we can keep that spine for a few more years.

Moses is our weakest link. I think we played better without him for except our last kick options. That’s his only saving grace. He’s got a great boot, but in the opposition’s 20, he seems pretty clueless at creating space unless we’re totally on top anyway. A couple of times he got the ball yesterday near the line yesterday he just ran sideways waiting for someone else to run on the ball. Definitely not the Cronk or JT this team needs to be serious contenders.(Usually when I post about Moses inabilities he puts in a smoker the next game so if we beat Melbourne, thank me later lol)


Can we win the premiership?

Probably not, but not impossible. We may be under training for a bit so we can hit our straps again sweetly as we hit the finals. I think maybe the roosters are rope-a-doping too for a bit.


Storm and Penrith may be peaking too early.

Maybe Fergo and Sivo are playing injured (surely Sivo can’t be run down that easy)

Maybe this loss will make them stop believing they can just coast and still win


But that’s a lot of Maybe’s

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      • Bad heart, bad kidneys, Psoriasis, blind in one eye, chronic arthritis and a Eels tragic but still I’m  happy. Had two hotdogs for lunch and having orange duck for dinner and making soup how could I not be happy.

        • haha :) That sounds pretty good to me mate!

          Hey - you've got a couple of minor ailments there bud but at least you've only got one chronic problem - Eels tragic!! I suppose you're used to it - you've had it your whole life :)

        • LOL - I will see your bad heart and raise with fukt lungs. (Emphysema and asbestose exposure)

          Chronic Arthuritis equalled with Chronic Fibromyalgia and raise you Polymyalgia rheumatica

          Chronic Eels Trageria has no known cure so we are both fukt on this one

          Just stay away from the Ole Spanish Dancer mate - that shit will kill ya.


          • Between us we've got it all covered but we're still rocking. 

          • I’ll raise you both 

            with a nutcase in the house 

            happy birthday slugg glad you have made it all about YOU !!!

            you deserve it you good egg xx

            • Thanks Carlo I am more fun than a two point loss. 

              • Yes you def are !!!!!

                hope those hotdogs had lots of cheese and mustard too 

        • I thought my cat was blind in one eye until I realised he was walking out of the room not into it


          • Where's my chocolates?

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