According to Senior reporter Phil 'Buzz' Rothfield told Big Sports Breakfast on Monday morning that the Roosters are in fact $400,000 under the salary cap for this season.


I believe the NRL salary cap auditors should be investigated with the Rotters there is no way that they are under the cap. 


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  • Yes and I've heard whispers from a very reliable source that John Bateman has requested an immediate release from Canberra to sign a 3 and a half year deal with Roosters effective immediately to replace Radley and the NRL has given them special dispensation because of the injuries being due to Bankwests playing surface and that Parra are being investigated for allegedly tampering with the ground before the game , and will be stripped of all competition points okay I made that last bit up , but the rest is true.Allegedly. 

    • Fully expected they'd have an immediate replacement for radley but they've outdone themselves with Bateman. That's an amazing achievement all under the cap too.

      hope the nrl take raiders offer on board coz it's well documented that  Bateman was happy there but move was purely for money.

      raiders in the other hand say that tabled a lucrative deal 

      so be very interested to see how roosters get this deal andTPA s over the line whilst remaining at arms length!

    • Did you make up the bit about his injury being caused by the playing surface? Because that bit is clearly bullshit given the ground was deemed acceptable after that game.

    • The guy that knocked back $700 000? Wow now he wants to play for fun, for a premiership? How do they change people’s mind. What a club!! 

  • The Roosters are always under ‘their’ salary cap. Fair call 

  • Your so called source of John Bateman to the roosters, is all bullshit, the roosters have stated on numerous occasions they will never deal with issac Moses. Bateman  manager is Moses. So tell your reliable source to stop spreading bullshit. 

    • Moses is no ones manager anymore

      • Actually he is, he has appealed the NRL's decision and until that is completed he is allowed to continue to operate

    • It was sarcasm

  • I wouldn't doubt that they are under the cap. It's the money changing hands outside of the cap that they get away with. Their books would be squeaky clean, but...

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