Cameron Smith the untouchable!

So, even after, he is recorded very clearly challenging the integrity of the referree, he escapes with no penalty, meanwhile others who have done the same, get binned or sent.  No consequence from the NRL Review Committee.  Says it all.

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            • Commentators on Fox and ref ruled no try when I watched replay after game and now its edited out this morning. 

        • I mean all about pushing Victoria and less AFL. Do NSW or Queensand have state on Jersey?  Only in SOO.   Was it on before pre Covid lockdown with them, their wives and kids altogether in lockdown doing it tuff on Sunshine Coast bubble.

          • Who fucking cares

            • Brett because over the years Storm have gotten away with alot to keep Victoria interested. As Dragons supporter I talked to after game said they know how to stretch every boundary. We both agreed they are good enough without it and would be much more respected. 

              • Of course they do, that's part of the reason they exist, to promote the game in Victoria, and they're doing a bloody good job of it I might add. 

                • Theyre not promoting the game in Victoria. 99.9% of Victorians hate Rugby League and the only sport there is AFL. The only small percentage of Rugby League supporters are those who have moved there from the northern states like NSW and Qld for work or family reasons.

                  • The Storm had 25k members this year, only the Rabbitohs, Eels & Broncos had more members. That's pretty good going if you ask me.

                    When the Storm were founded in 1998 there were just 4 clubs in Victoria and less than 500 participants, 21 years later there are now 37 clubs in Victoria with over 10k participants.

                    I'd say they've done a pretty good job of promoting the game in Victoria.



                    • I wonder how many of them new members are not from interstate. When I lived in Victoria most people I spoke to about League wanted nothing to do with it. Its hardly mentioned in the newspapers or media. AFL is number 1

                    • Of course AFL is still number one, and always will be regardless of how successful the Storm are, but that doesn't change the fact that they are still growing the game in Victoria.

      • Condolences Pennykeet.

        As us Eels fans always say:

        **NEXT YEAR**

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