Cameron Smith the untouchable!

So, even after, he is recorded very clearly challenging the integrity of the referree, he escapes with no penalty, meanwhile others who have done the same, get binned or sent.  No consequence from the NRL Review Committee.  Says it all.

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                    • Doesn't matter

                    • But isnt Cameron Smith and Bellamy part of the club?

                    • FFS Brett what planet are you on? talk about space cadets incorporated.

                      The NRL records of their investigations specifically said Cameron Smith had TWO contracts, one of which was illegal and he was part of the cheating of the cap at the Storm. IIRC (thanks ch) there was also th ematter of a speed boat which he did not buy out of his own money.

                      IT IS ON PUBLIC RECORD numbnuts.

                      Your selective memory to enhnace your bro love for a cheat is unfknblvble.

                      THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. Have illegal contract that gains you more money.

                      THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE TESTIMONY. Lie to the NRL that you did not know two contracts were illegal.


                    • Not according to our very own resident Space Cadet Monts.

                      noun Slang.

                      a person who appears to be in his or her own world or out of touch with reality.
                      a person who behaves oddly or seems stupefied or remote because of the influence of drugs; druggie.
                    • Actually the boat was given to Greg Inglis, but nuance.

                      I don't dispute any of those facts, I just don't see it as cheating, at least not from a Rugby League standpoint.

                      So he signed two contracts with the same employer, wouldn't be the first to have done that, nor will he be the last. I'll concede I'm probably splitting hairs here, but at the end of the day it is not the players responsibility to ensure the club's administration are obeying the rules. He could've signed a thousand contracts with them, I couldn't care less.

                      The contracts weren't illegal, he didn't steal anything, he was only paid that which he negotiated for himself. It was borderline unethical, I agree, but not illegal.

                      Obviously he has to declare any income to the government come tax time, but that is a separate issue.

                    • I think you are tippling some of your client's drugs.

                      If signing an ILLEGAL contract to run beside your legal (NRL registed) contract is not cheating, then please enlighten us to what you see as cheating.

                      You would make a great candidate for the QueeRZland ALP, or perhaps you already are.

                      Conducting oneself in an illegal manner is also known as CHEATING!!

                    • But it wasn't illegal, what law did he break ?

            • There's also winners and losers, and Cameron Smith is the former.

              • And next to it in bold print cheat.

                • Do you think he could care less, he's holding the Provan Summons Trophy, no one else is

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