Cameron Smith the untouchable!

So, even after, he is recorded very clearly challenging the integrity of the referree, he escapes with no penalty, meanwhile others who have done the same, get binned or sent.  No consequence from the NRL Review Committee.  Says it all.

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    • Exactly what should have happened Macy IMO and yep, would have loved every step of that slow march but it didn't happen. SIGH

    • The worst part is the media still claim the Storm won the 07 and 09 Grand Finals.

      The Ch 9 promotion on Sunday ran footage of both those games promoting the Storm's GF winning history.

      • They also showed a graphic indicating that Storm had won 5 premierships. My blood was boiling by that point...

        • I didn't know that (graphic) , it is disgusting! and should be publicly apologised for .....thereby drawing attention to the unwashed that do not think or know about it.

  • Smith wasn't exactly wrong though. It certainly looked like every decision that could go penrith's way was going their way and to the greatest possible extent. The same ref didn't send off the Souths hooker for that ruck infringement but decided to send off the Melbourne hooker for a ruck infringement. Ours was also 5 metres out from the Rabbitohs line meaning it was even more so a try scoring opportunity. That his mindset was pro Penrith in that situation and not pro parra in the same scenario is certainly something to question. Why?

    • Yep, the inconsistencies. The funniest bit is the double whammy here.  Smith questioning the ref allegedly squaring up the ledger and making a game of it, after the storm received all of the momentum and pretty much every favourable decision in the first half. Amazing stuff.  I always thought the Storm would win, not saying for a minute that Penrith were the better side.  I also accept people have the right to have a different opinion.  Mine however, is that refereeing decisions in the first half heavily influenced the result in the long term, despite "Camerons" perhaps credible call about squaring up.  Heck, how many games have we seen the inbalanced calls, swing the other way in the second half which is just ONE of the reasons for my post.  Add to that the debate over salary cap application, inconistencies in the decisions of the bunker, the MRC and the outcomes at the Judiciary just to name a few.   NRL needs to clean up its act, but again, that is just my opinion.  Accept others will not agree, just as others on here have shown they do.

      • This has been a good discussion and thanks for starting the blog. I know others disagree with my viewpoint on Smith and the Storm but thats the good thing about this forum and being in a democracy.

        • Someone famous once said "I think you protest too much"  maybe Shakespeare or may not be Shakespeare Monts but you certainly got your "pound of flesh" from this blog.

          E for effort on your part Brett, just not sure why.....the result was always known. If people don't like the variables that the game follows then they should look at another sport.....that said the nuances that appeared in this discussion happen in nearly all sports in some fashion or another......the one eyed eel though is truly unique in its own way of self deprecation.

          • GEEZ Popps - Monto did not start this bun fight, but he did hold his own once he got into it.

            No depreciation for him.

          • I get sucked in, plus I was bored 

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