Cameron Smith the untouchable!

So, even after, he is recorded very clearly challenging the integrity of the referree, he escapes with no penalty, meanwhile others who have done the same, get binned or sent.  No consequence from the NRL Review Committee.  Says it all.

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                  • You show me in rules that its ok to win by cheating. Its common sense Brett that teams play fair otherwise the contest is uneven.

                    • It doesn't.

                      All the rulebook says these are the rules, you break em this is the penalty incurred. The rulebook is amoral, it has no moral value attached to it.

                      If you don't want to cop the penalty, don't break the rule.

                      When is any contest "even" ?

                      Every contest is uneven, that's why it's called a contest, because it's the players job to make it as uneven as possible using any means at their disposal.


                    • Even cheating?

                    • MontoEel everyone so desperate to win a comp the will do anything for it. But you watch if a team get away with a few forward passes, off side, bad video ref decisions, then suddenly they come & blame a player, the coach, the halves that’s an example why you want teams playing by the rules of the sport. Not for teams to be penalised on purpose so they can set their line. 

    • Totally agree.Tin Tim plus the Storm stretch the boundaries even having a V on their Jersey and mentioning Victoria on GF Day.  Another example of his greatness is  in GF close to line Api knocks ball out of Smith's hand he picks it up and scores a try from his dropped ball. Commentators call no try as does the ref. Smith celebrates his good fortune and bunker comes up with ludicrous ruling of a try. The man has no character and certainly no immortal. That's called cheating to win and not in the spirit of the game. 

      • You're right - Api knocked THE BALL out of Smith's hand. He made contact with the ball, not Smith's arm. It's six again, Smith picked it up and scored. The fact the likes of Gould and the ref thought it was a no try is irrelevant. Video footage confirmed what happened - the commentators weren't arguing the decision once they saw the replay. Of course it was a try - it was a black and white decision - check the rule book.

        As for them winning because they had a V on their jersey - please. Are you aware the team comes from Victoria?

        I understand your upset that your beloved Panthers were made to look second rate on GF day but you need to get over it. The Storm were too good on the day, the score flattered the Panthers. Smith was magnificent.

        • Smith is and was a cheat and grub and if labelled the next 'immortal' then the game of Rugby League is beyond ever being revived.

        • Magnificently offside Kram

        • Kram of it was 6 again would Smith have needed to play the ball? 

      • the Storm stretch the boundaries even having a V on their Jersey and mentioning Victoria on GF Day

        What does that even mean ?

        Yeah, Api intentionally played at the ball, knocked it out of Smith's hands, he didn't knock it on, he was well within his rights to pick it up and score the try, and then celebrate it. Doing so says nothing about his character in the slightest, other than the fact that he is as fierce a competitor as they come. That's not a bad thing.


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