Cameron Smith the untouchable!

So, even after, he is recorded very clearly challenging the integrity of the referree, he escapes with no penalty, meanwhile others who have done the same, get binned or sent.  No consequence from the NRL Review Committee.  Says it all.

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          • Doing whatever it takes

            • Gees Brett, firstly, do you live on here or have a job? You must be setting the record for the longest debate ever. Just mind boggling seeing how long you can argue/debate someone?  Secondly, so, perhaps I am not understanding your points but you truly appear to be condoning that it is fine to do anything as long as you win?  Is that truly your position, or am I reading your comments incorrectly?

              • Mate why are you having a go at Brett? Didn't you start the blog for discussion and debate?

                • Not having a go, asking a relevant question, given his responses and comments.

              • Im also getting that impression which is kind of disappointing. A great game to me is a fair and honest game best team wins.

              • Firstly, yes I do have a job, I'm actually at it right now as a matter of fact. I'm a disability support worker and I'm on a sleepover tonight. I'm lucky, my client has gone to bed and I literally have nothing to do, so I'm getting paid quite a bit of money to do this !!!!

                Secondly, no, that's not what I'm saying. Of course it's not OK to do "anything" as long as you win. What I'm saying is that winning is not diminished in any way if you've cheated to win. When I say cheating, I'm referring to gamesmanship, which is part and parcel of professional sport, always has been.



                • Brett, cheating might be gamesmanship but its not sportsmanship. It ridiculous to even think or say that.. I thought Id check out the definition of 'Gamesmanship' and yes Brett you are correct. Sportsmanship is about the honorable pursuit of victory. Gamesmanship is just about victory, where winning by fooling the referee is just as good as winning by outperforming a competitor. As some would say, "It's only cheating if you get caught." ... Getting away with whatever you can is a crucial tenet. So basically 'Gamesmanship' is the ability to CHEAT and not get caught. I really find that being allowed in Sports as deplorable. It should be 'Sportsmanship' not 'Gamesmanship'

                  • 😂 says the guy that's never played sport.

                    Gamesmanship playing past the rules and not getting caught is all part of sport your kidding yourself if players coaches at any sought of top level of sport and pushing past the allowable limits.

                    Thats just plain naive type thinking at its best.

                    Cam Smith clearly plays to the edge and over the line alot and what Michael Jordan did the same is he a cheat too.

                    • Why do you assume Ive never played sport? Because I dont like cheating? I much prefer an even balanced opponent but obviously you prefer to cheat to win which isnt really winning because its cheating even if its masqueraded as 'gamesmanship' what a total farce.

                  • Says who ?

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