Cameron Smith the untouchable!

So, even after, he is recorded very clearly challenging the integrity of the referree, he escapes with no penalty, meanwhile others who have done the same, get binned or sent.  No consequence from the NRL Review Committee.  Says it all.

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  • Hes a cheat and grub of the highest order but will be listed as the next 'immortal' what a joke. Far, far greater players than him laced a boot and have never been mentioned. Its corrupt

    • Protected species and I don't understany why.

      • Me either. Popularity, money, ratings who knows? Cant stand the bloke or Slater the two biggest grubs in the game.

  • But it's ok for Andrew Johns, who admitted to usind drugs and cheating drug tests to be an IMMORTAL.Alls you need to do is perform abovecthe rest and hello.

    • Yep, disgraceful really. He ( Andrew Johns) should never been listed as an immortal in my opinion. Far better players on and off the field could have gone before him.

    • Exactly, being named an Immortal isn't a moral statement, it's about on field performance, and Joey was the greatest player of his generation 

      • So basically a player could what be a pedo off field, sell drugs, pimp women, slave trade but be an above average on the footy field and be classified as an 'immortal' sounds about right.

        • No, if he was any of those things it's unlikely he wouldn't have got the opportunity to pursue an NRL career, making your point moot.

          In any event, using an extreme example doesn't prove your case, after all, none of us are perfect Monto, as an alleged Christian you of all should know that.

          • But its ok to what take illegal drugs socially and be exposed for doing so and who knows what else 'off the field' so long as your a good boy 'on field'. Sounds right Brett. Of course nobody is perfect Brett but thats not an excuse to except and ignore a high standard and be applauded and rewarded (listed as an immortal - which is no doubt the highest honour in League) for knowing something your doing is wrong and still doing it. 

            • Because the honour is awarded for on field excellence, nothing else

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