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Cam King ranked worst starting dummy half in the comp.


Completely agree.

He showed some promise last year, but is not any better than many park players running around.

If we are to put 2018 behind us, we need to sign a decent hooker quick!!!

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After his first few games i called him the worst hooker in the comp while many were touching themselves about him, looks like i was on the money.

Snake he only looked half decent because he was replacing Kaysa the plodder.

lol @ the people sticking up for BA for leaving us in this situation, we had over 600k of cap space for this season and he had the chance to recruit quite a few dummy half options.  The gimp didn't even have Mahoney in the top 30.  The bloke has started a park footballer like Dill Smith as a starting dummy half.  I can't believe this bloke will still be here next week.

I reckon KP is a better hooker than King, call me crazy but KP offers more energy.

Mate they are both shithouse, we were under the cap this season yet he is happy to go into a season with two blokes in his spine that aren't first grade quality.  Your dummy half touches the ball more than anybody yet he would rather a plodder who is just a tackling machine that lead the line speed.  And people wonder why we struggle to score points.

Have a look at all the successful clubs the last decade they have all had a top quality dummy half.

cam smith is unsigned by the storm  , cam like him or hate him, is the best hooker in the game , when you look at cam smith he reads the play  so well.

he can tell others where the play will go, hes rugby league brain light years ahead of all other hookers in the nrl.

to me parra should buy him even if the price is 1 mil ..

guess it wont happen  he may turn up at the  cowboys , or bronco's where he can be there coach after wayne ends hes contract.   

I think Kaysa is a good 14.
I don't think his body can handle being an 80 minute hooker.
I think BA knows that.
We definately need a hooker.
Damien Cook has set a new standard for what pace can give you out of dummy half.

Are you kidding me?

Wallace at 15 behind several other nuff nuffs.

FMD you lot will believe anything.

Not saying King is up to scratch, just pointing out the stupidity of the ranking system.

We are going to have to depend on our juniors because no top ranked hooker is likely to come over to us.


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