Call me cynical

ok just saw this on my feed 

#1 video 

brad and jake in the shed 

hmmmmm really 🤔🤨


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        • i'm with you mitchy, so much hate for one man is ridiculous, considering what he does and has done to get this club out of the mire that so many before him created. Maybe, just maybe, its a sad indictment of those who have a pretty sad life themselves and have achieved very little in their own world...

          Of course, when using the wonderful tool of knowledge that is hindsight, there are things that could have and probably should have been done differently or better but the last few years have definitely been better than the previous 15.


          • Agreed Rock, i think that some just wish to see him and / or his son fail, and then may feel justified; not to mention the amount of positive change to the club. Yes we have not won a comp but we are in a better position to where we were at the end of 2013, when Pricky left.

            We seem to have many experts here and many who have coached NRL.


            • Armchair experts and keyboard warriors who can all do a better job no doubt.

            • You "think" Mitchy? When you have blokes actually writing comments like "I hope they lose so BA can be sacked" you don't have to think, you should know there's some complete farking imbeciles that prowl around here trying to stir shit. Either that, or they're just dumb as dogshit - and as a mark of just how dumb some of them are, my apologies to the dogshit....

              • Brissy i was being balanced and not emotive. Its the off season... :)


        • Was meant tongue in cheek Mitchy.

          • No issues at all Bert.


  • Brad was crying because he'd heard Will Smith had signed with the Titans.

  • Cynical 

  • It was a moment between father and son that sparked emotion in fans. I don't see the issue and I thought it was great when I saw it. We are just human and we are emotional creatures.

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