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In my lifetime,  I have never watched our Eels win a premiership,  but,  our Bush Coach has actually changed the team and the club to the best times since Brian Smith was here. 

After watching the Eels rack up fifty in style and break all sort of finals records,  I believe BA can be the first coach to deliver us the long suffering fans and supporters,  our first premiership since 1986 either this year,  or the years to come. 

He signed players like Fergs, Lane, Paulo, Waqa and introduced Dylan Brown, Mahoney and Stone into the system. 

He has made some tough decisions,  and has showed how he things following that micd up video by FOX and the NRL.  

Congratulations for making the finals, oh well we got a big game against the Storms,  it's gonna be a huge one,  but,  BA can make some awesome plans to defeat the storm,  by using Reed Mahoney and the speed man to run into the heavy middle forwards of the storms.  

In BA we Trust...  Go Parra


Greetings from Papua New Guinea

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  • Shhhhhhhh! Dont say this or Frankie will have guts for garters! *smile*

  • You’ll kill Fong if he reads this... lol. Good on BA, bloke had really turned the lads around here, BA would be coach of the year if Manly hadn’t had made the finals in the way that they did. 

  • You fucking unicorns it's not ba that made them win as I have said it for million years you fkn pass you score you win it's that simple and ba is against passing you unicorns

    • Brain dead 

      • oxymoron (superdope and brain)

        • Fat pigs arse who's new missus is heffer the cow

          • You already said that in another blog it was stupid then and is still stupid. 

    • lol Coach showing everyone how to make friends and influence people...

      great work..

      • But Mick am I right though you pass you offload you score u win 

        • Gee, aren’t we all lucky BA took advice from you in developing that game plan. Phew.

          Keep it up champ.

This reply was deleted.

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