Brown Replacement options

so i think the obvious choice will be Jai Field and BA will most likely go that way but ill run a few options here.

The biggest negative in field is he hasn't been playing footy this is a league wide problem with no reserve grade so at least with jai he has had a few games this season. 

For me Salmon, Rankin and Smith are absolutely break glass in case of emergency options all are reserve grade players.

So with that in mind a few other options are

Gutho to 6

With Fergo moving to fullback and a debut for Dunster on the wing.

This is a very unlikely move but i think some merit in it with Gutho capable of covering the 6 and fergo has played a fair bit of fullback in his day.


Matterson to 6

Davey into the backrow

Marata retuns to the bench

Again unlikely but the logic All players have recent game time under their belts, Gutho will ball play anyway. Matto has skill set to play 6 and experience set him up to be a run first half. 


Takka to 6

Not really a good option takka has filed there before and is better suited to covering that role off the bench as a injury replacement as opposed to a full game as a 6.

To be honest all options are not exactly filling me with confidence if Moses was inform and leading the team id have a smidgen more hope any chance of any success this year falls on him

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  • I'd prefer the Guth to 6 and Fergo to FB with Dunster to wing.

    I think BA will go with Taka to 6, doesn't disrupt the team too much.

    • Taka will be replacing Blake in the centres.

  • Matto 6 with Nikuro starting back row 

  • My team for the Warriors game is


    1: C Gutherson

    2: M Sivo

    3: M Jennings

    4: W Blake

    5: B Ferguson 

    6: R Matterson 

    7: M Moses

    8: K Evans

    9: R Mahoney 

    10: R Campbell Gillard 

    11: S Lane

    12: M Nuikore

    13: N Brown


    14: W Smith

    15: Jr Paulo 

    16: A Davey

    17: O Kaufusi 

    for mine R Matterson covers the 6. He's defence is very good, and has a good short kicking and passing game .

    fergerson and Blake are on there final warning.

    Jr Paulo to the bench for impact.

    W Smith gets a run who can cover the fullback, wing, centre, the halves and hooker.

    • No final warning, it is not that Sivo and Waqar are not trying, just incapable to defensively discipline themselves..... the best hope for Waqar is getting Sivo's wing will easier for him to defend there..... unfortunately it has all become a bit much for Sivo....he has to go back and reestablish his whole approach to Rugby League.

      Matterson will step into 5/8 but there is still a rough chance that Guth could go there and Field to fullback, Dunster has some chance of taking Sivo's spot if Waqar is dropped outright. Taka to take a centre position.

      Whilst picking Junior and RCG in the 13, I would keep them both on the bench as a rest and reward system and start Evans and least bringing the big boys on at the 20 minute mark, may give us some impact.

      • While gutho had a night to remember with some slips on the paddock, (time to get new boots with decent sprigs like MM did) I would be leaving him at 1 his best position.  Swap Fergo & Blake and keep Fergo away from the first ball run after tackle 1 - 5 we have forwards to do that work with Ferg's not making much ground in the runs. Sivo, needs to look at video clips of him running over Tedesco and other players so he can remember what he was capable of, at least he can now catch a high ball but if he goes back to hard running, will he lose the ball catching ability, other words he seems very much one dimensional.

        Watching chickadees demolish the mules last night, they had a few new and young players, Beanie the same with UG's who ran over our strong wingers says a lot to me, and that is time for some new players and give them a spot and hope for the future.  My team against the worryers.

        1.Gutho 2.Dunster 3.Jennings 4.Fergo 5.Blake 6.Field 7 ;Moses 8.RCG 9. Mahoney 10.Paulo 11.Nuikore 12.Matto 13.brown 14.stone 15.Evans 16.Kaufusi 17.Davey/Lane

        I thought most of the forwards this week were pretty ordinary especially the run on side, Lane has not been his usual running best & breaking the line, so have him with Davey on the bench. While not a radical shake up its enough to tell the players more is demanded of them, also not a good look to have another forward on report even though he's likely to take the early plee and be able to play next week.

        Regarding Field, he played in the 6 spot for the first few rounds while Brown was out and we won them, he did some good work and was able to change direction and relatively alusive as well. Worst case if he does not do any good, bring Mahoney out of the scrum to replace him and Stone to DH

        • Sivo has had zero problems with the high ball since debut


          • Exactly, sometimes I think people invent issues with our players. Sivo has never had an issue with the high ball. He dropped one in torrential rain and suddenly he can't catch!

            • I must be watching the wrong games or something as both of you are saying Sivo never had an issue/problem with the high ball since debut, certainly much have been some other player on that side that dropped the ball &/or knocked on.

              My point is that his high ball taking has improved greatly, he is however prone to some mistakes but they also have improved, but maybe he has caught deseased eel and had at lunch or something else that has caused his power runs of last year and earlier this year being lost.

          • Yes David you are correct, he is actually very good under the high ball defensively.... a few moments letting it bounce at time's but more specifically it is his attack under the high ball where he struggles i.e. judgement against the defending player.

            I am advocating his dropping principally for his defence, but also his lack of pace and ability (lately) to bend the line. I reinterate I feel that Sivo is a victim of hype, both from fans and the media.

            Maybe not his fault but his immaturity with the game and fickleness of form requires him to take a break, drop the weights and put on the running spikes.

            Both the team and himself will be better for that experience.

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