• aah ok, thanks muttly, apologies to DB, i jumped the gun as i thought he was talking about recently

        • Snake it's all about the $$$$$, players these days don't give a Fcuk about anything else, maybe it's a generation thing or maybe lazy fcuks.

      • C'mon. That's when Dylan first got to Australia and the Eels. He followed only Rugby up until that point and lived in NZ. I just rewatched that portion of the Jake Duke interview to check. 
        And the fact that he meets Brett Kenny when he first arrived shows he was exposed to the Legends. 

        • Mutt I'm not having a go at Dylan, I love the kid but if you were going to play for a professional rugby league team you would think that he would get on the internet and have a bit of a look.

          As far as the eels organisation the expectation for me would be that they would want to have a player that would want the eels as part of their DNA so when it comes time to negotiate contracts you already have a leg up as they want to be here.

          Same with juniors coming through. Getting ex players involved is a simple way for a player to feel like they are part of a family and a team to be proud to play for 

          • That's unrealistic. Dylan was 15 and followed Rugby and maybe a bit of the warriors. We'd love to sign you Dylan but you're obviously not an Eels fan so maybe talk to the Warriors instead. 

            • That's right Mutt, Dyl was signed as a 15 year old after being scouted at a school tournament in Rhotorua, a rural tourist town in NZ.

              I can't believe people are getting excited about Dyl not being an expert in all thing's 80's. He was born in the 2000's, 15 odd years after our last premiership.

              I was born in '67 and have been a Parra fan for  4 decades but if someone wants to talk to me about Eels players, or rugby league in general, from 1953 and prior I've got no fecking clue.

              To put it in perspective, Dyl wouldn't have any real memories of anything prior to 2005, so lets not persecute him for not being an expert on all things '80's. I've got no doubt he now knows who Bert, Sterlo et al are and he's also proud to pull on our jersey - that's good enough for me..

              • Gee Kram 55 and not a hair on your the magistrate was dismissing the case he said "not many people could say that". lol..... I noted he did hesitate after you explained who Al Hunt and Francis Fong were!

              • Exactly 

          • Comeon Jason when you were a kid (how old are you 16/17) all you were interested in was whether that toilet cubicle was vacant or not or getting on the net to watch Porn Hub.

      • He grew up in NZ as a rugby union player, why would've he'd heard of Brett Kenny, or any other Eels player from 30 years ago ?

        Do you think Sam Walker had ever heard of or knew much about Russell Fairfax or Latrell Mitchell had ever heard of Eric Simms ?

        This isn't a citizenship test, they're footy players. 

        And even if we did teach them about past players, how is that relevant to a 22 year old ?

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