• Not the best response from a club legend, Bert  does carry on like a victim at times I'm sure he feels the club could have supported his career more than it did , the club or the powers that be at the time didn't rate him  as coach so move on Bert! 




  • Can you imagine Cliffy Lyons saying that about Manly? 
    Or Terry Lamb saying that about the Dogs? 

    • He's giving his honest opinion which is all he knows how to do. I can't fault him, our defence and consistency has been poor all year and doesn't bode well for a finals run.

    • No I can't.  

      I find it refreshing that bert is prepared to voice his honest opinion and call it how he sees it.  Hopefully the team can use it as motivation..

      What do you want him to do blow smoke up the teams arse?


    • Cliffy and Lamb won't have an opportunity to answer those questions this season. 

    • No

    • How many people on this forum have said we won't play GF.

  • Bert is my all time favourite player.  However, I feel he thinks he has been burnt by the Club in regards to his coaching roles.  That said, whilst I would have expected a more positive response, tell me what he said, based on endless years of the same, is not true?

  • I agree with Bert.

    • Yep mb that's just his opinion 🤷‍♀️Sterlo used to tip against eels constantly 

      what's the diff?

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