Brawl Breaks out at Magic Round

Hope they are banned for life’: Drama after ‘disgraceful’ fan brawl breaks out at Magic Round","type":"video/mp4"}]]">" srcset=" 152w,"> 640w" i-amphtml-auto-lightbox-visited=""><a" sizes="(max-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" srcset=" 152w,"> 640w" alt="Ugly fight erupts at Suncorp Stadium " />Ugly fight erupts at Suncorp Stadium | 00:33
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May 14th, 2022 4:53 pm

An ugly brawl has broken out in the stands on the opening night of Magic Round.

The fight took place during Friday night’s game between the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and Newcastle Knights.

Footage emerged on social media later on Friday showing the brawl, with several men pictured throwing punches while others were seen falling in the stands.

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  • Who won the fight? cant see the footage

  • I haven't yet been involved in an altercation, but I've been close and it's not that difficult to find yourself in a confrontational position at Suncorp.

    I try to get there when the Eels are playing and first round last season my daughter and I went to watch Broncos vs Eels on the Friday night. Fantastic pre game entertainment with the fireworks and lasers. Broncos up at half time 16-0 and there with Broncos supporters. I barely made a sound yet knew that the Eels weren't done.

    We ended up winning 26-16 if I recall correctly.

    I may have been the only Eels supporter on the train heading back to my mate's place, but every one of them knew who I followed even without wearing eels attire.

    "Go the Eels!", I said loudly several times whilst staring in the eyes of Broncos supporters, albeit with a smirk.

    A bee's dick from let's say.., a scrummage. I also mentioned the wooden spoon thing a few times😁


  • Funny about the fake outrage now . But the other round when the drunk guy holding the bear got king hit everyone was cheering .

  • Interesting to see that a row of mixed supporters stood together in this brawl vs the shirtless ones, hard to tell the team affiliations of the shirtless turds. In short, pays to have the higher ground advantage.   

  • I was head butted by a Broncos fan at a game 3 years ago for no reason other than wearing a Parra jumper-the game hadn't started and I hadn't even had a beer. The dude was 60kgs ringing wet and the head butt was like getting a clip across the back of the head from your mum. I'm not a small bloke and had him by the throat in seconds. Security came in quick and he got booted out. Definitely plenty of half wits at Suncorp   and plenty wanting to punch on-like the one at the Anzac weekend clash who wouldn't shut up when they played the last post

  • I have no problem with it. Whilst I'm not the type that could be bothered getting in a brawl at the footy unless of course there was one hell of a good reason.  I.e someone did something to my family that warranted me putting them to sleep. I don't begrudge those who do decide they wanna be a fuckwit .  Footage like that ensures the helicopter mums and the Karen's stay home. 

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26 minutes ago
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