Brandon Smith avoids suspension

The NRL simply refuse to sanction any Melbourne Storm player. Brandon Smith joins Felise Kaufusi & Nelson Afosa-Solomona on the protected species list of Storm players who have remarkably avoided suspension.
Melbourne have a few injuries & the Nrl need them firing during the finals.
This is getting truely embarrassing.


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  • Did anyone really expect a different result?

    • Well I am naive BEM.......not even referred!   Their immunity remains mind-boggling!

  • That was not a hip drop. Smith did not deserve any suspension or fine.

  • I agree, it was on the lighter end, but if they want to get it out of the game they need to sanction every example. I reckon he could've been given a couple of weeks to send a message but since it's the Scumbags, nope 

  • Smith did lose control of the tackle. Him being dragged along the ground and then swinging himself into Tino isn't a defence. This is like trying to argue that you should be able to hit a bloke in the head if he steps you and you hang an arm out.

    On the scale of hipdrops, this wasn't the worst so I can understand no suspension.

    • It's not even close to a hip drop. 

    • What is he supposed to do Super, let go ?

  • I hate the Storm more than peak hour traffic but this tackle wasn't that bad. It didn't look intentional. It looked like he got swung around. 

  • Hate the Storm, love a good conspiracy story, however anyone calling for the Cheese to be sanctioned for that tackle is dreaming. Nothing in it. We have too much microscopic paralysis by analysis in the NRL, no wonder the refs don't have the cojones to make a decision and have the bunker make all the hard decisions. 

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