Brad needs to go on the offensive

Brad needs to get into the media this week and tell them he will be talking to the Refs boss about Storm wrestling and slowing the game down. You can bet Bellamy and Smith will already have been on the phone.

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  • He also needs to pull a few tactics from left field or get flogged by the same team as last year. I hope he has learnt a lesson or two and will need some shrewd coaching to stand any chance.

  • To beat the Storm you need to keep the ball moving.

    Kicking early in the count is another one.

    Break the game up stay away from structure as much as possible.

    Keep making there whole defensive line work.

    Mahoney Mahoney do not let Cam Smith stand over you.


    • Yep encourage Smith to slap/punch him again so he gets sent to the bin.

    • Yes, I tend to agree. Ball movement, early kicks deep for fullback, isolate him, build pressure. 

  • Very fair call. 

  • Very unlikely.

    Brad was asked  about the severely slanted 6 again calls last night and basically curled up into a little ball and said zero.

    This is when he should push back and cop the fine. We've been on the end of some shocking 6 again stats recently and it continues because Brad and the club aren't addressing it with refs through the media. It was an easy lay up they provided last night but Brad still refused to take the opportunity. All the good coaches do it except for our Brad.

    • I was disappointed with that Frank, it was a perfect opportunity to say we haven't benefited much from those in recent months and the lobsided count seems par for the course lately.

    • We are not getting the 6 again calls because we are not earning them. Opposition teams are getting quick play the balls against us because they fight to get to their feet, we don't. Our players seem to lay on the ground and wait for everyone to get off them.

      • Don't agree

        The reffing of the ruck has been bog average against us. Most of our players are trying to get up quick but in many cases they are being slowed down. It's so bad that even BA agreed with it but did not the presser again and watch his reaction when he was asked - definite double standard by the refs against us of late with policing the ruck. 

        • Yes Frank agreed; and it will be worse next week. lets see what the refs do...? or do not do.

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