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Do not normally like listening to Denan Kemp, though he talks quite responsibly and he is right in the feelings of Eels fans at the moment. I mean it has yet to be announced by Parramatta, Papali'i and Niukore were both announced as leaving by Parramatta, Mahoney not yet so unless he has agreed but not signed or the 10 day cooling off period has put into effect or there is another reason a backflip is slim but never know and let us hope so, but Kemp bring up excellent points into the thought process that does not make sense.

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                    • Weren't we in a similar boat once with injuries and  having to ask for exemptions, but that was still included in our over the capness in the end. 
                      nah the nrl needs to stop ratifying the contracts if that's where they are knowingly going 

                    • You can have as many players under contract as you like, but your top 30 salaries must fit under the cap. So theoretically they could have another 50 players under contract outside their top 30, they just can't use them till after June 30. 

                • The thing is LB, we are not really desperate for a Cotric or a Thompson, but you can be sure we'll struggle without a good 9.

                  • Yeah i know, though if we are to swap why not get the best player we can in a position of some need then get a hooker

                    I would only do it knowing we have a hooker ready to come over. Though what about Paulo and what he is doing? Thompson could be needed in 2023, imagine having RCG, Paulo, Brown and Thompson as middle forwards in the 17 with Canterbury paying some of his 800K.

                • Unless Cotric is asking for a straight up release, in which case the Dogs will owe him nothing 

                  • How's Canberra's cap looking? Ultimately it's a bit about that too isn't it ? They are keeping Hodgson now. 

                    • Not sure, but the Raiders are holding onto Hodgson for now in part because of the uncertainty around Josh Starling. 

              • Well shame on us if that's true and not being forthcoming with our genuine best offer. 
                i just hope the nrl treat dogs same way they intervened with us te Foran I think, where they jumped in to save us from foreseeable salary cap issues! But likely they wont have the guts to do so with Gould!

                • We are also a club that does not use TPA's which does not help alot either, who's to say we offered same but he is getting a tiny bit extra from a TPA. I could be wrong completley forgive me if i am.

                  • I'd say it's a big extra on the cake LB Gould would have paid much more for Reed considering how he was spending outside of his spine. Hope the nrl has the guts to seriously investigate the deal!

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