BLOCK 1 done, BLOCK 2 expectations

I think I've read previously or heard coaches state that they generally set team goals for the season in 3 x blocks of 8 games, so given it's a 20 week comp we have just finished out first "block" 

It was always going to be a big challenge even without the COVID-19 stuff, but given the quality of oposition we've played and what we've achieved how would you rate our season after "block 1"? 

For me it's an "A"

We still haven't put in a complete 80 minute performane to my eye, which I suppose is the "winning lessons" the team is learning on the run.

What's obviouse though is it has set us up brilliantly, and looking at "block 2" we play, COWBOYS, KNIGHTS, MANLY, TIGERS, BULLDOGS, SHARKS and DRAGONS.

Obviously coach and team won't be looking further than the next game in front of them, but as supporters it's interesting to consider how we might be positioned 2/3 of the way into this comp.

For me, if the team continues to learn how to win, and given a decent run with injuries, we can be in a really strong position to make a strong run into the finals with every chance of finishing top 2, which with all the advantages we would get from two home finals would be an enourmous boost for a serious title tilt.





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  • Let’s hope 

    a lot is resting on what happens with Moses recovery but it’s a good run 

    I’m pissed I can’t boo the knights they’ve locked eels supporters out !! :-((

    • Pissed again hey Carlo....I thought you were off the West Coast Coolers for good???.

      • LOL Embers - you must have missed that blog - Carlo has graduated to Cruisers mate.

        Poppa has sent her an invite to be a keynote speaker at the Nursing Home on the advantages of stronger "spirits"

        • Col !!! Cruisers are so nineties 

          I actually drink high quality red wine and am very fussy about it I’ll have you both know !!!

          • WHOO-EE Carlo, you will fit right in with me because I am nothing but quality, however Poppa won't spend more than $6.50 a bottle on the stuff he serves and it is only white wine, well its supposed to be white but it is best viewed with sunglasses ON.

            Hey Poppa, are you paying attention "High quality wine" time to upgrade the bar at the Nursing Home son.

            • Why not plant a vineyard at the nursing home - give you old fellas something to play with other than yourselves !!!:-)

              • You got my attention Carl's when you mentioned "old fellas" 

                Don't worry red wine is available at the nursing's called Mushroom soup, its a sporty rounded wine with a broad rim.

                The vineyard has passionfruit and is thriving on the bullshit, just next to where the Mushroom we love it up here and you would be very welcome to train the young nurses in the nuances and subtleties of sponge baths!


        • I've been away too long it seems. 
          I always thought Carlo would be a Gin & Tonic gal ..., they say gin drinkers are sexier dont they?

          • You must have been thinking of tinker bell she was on here then too 

            she may have been a gin drinker ....?

  • The eels certainly are a different team to what they have been in the past, they have won some tough games that they would have lost in recent years. 

    I was hoping for a narrow loss to the roosters as I believe it would do us more good than a win, it did blow out a little more than I was hoping for but the way we hit back the following week against the raiders was proof we are learning lessons and progressing as a team.

    An A rating for the first block is about right.

    If we can get through this next block winning 5 from 7 with Moses missing a few we will be sitting pretty. 

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