Big Game Against Souths

If Parra can topple South's next week and Penrith beat the Storm then the Eels will jump into 4th spot on the NRL ladder.  Dragons should have beaten the Sharks today. Eels4eally have to aim up against South's. 

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  • We have King JArthur , they don't stand a chance 

    • You'll have him pencilled in as the clive churchill medallist next wiz, turn it up lol

    • Exactly. No need to worry now

  • I watched Souths vs Warriors yesterday. Jeez I hate Souths. The entire organisation is so smug.
    Coach's box and on the sideline they're all carrying on like they've won the GF, high fiving and slapping each other on the back throughout the game. The commentators once again talking like Latrell Mitchell is Clive Churchill reincarnated. Cody Walker being a complete grub. The entire scene just makes me want to vomit. I really hope we smash them and wipe those smug smiles off their dumb faces. 

    • They won the game, they can celebrate however they want.

      • Ok Souths fan

    • Time turn the smiles on there dials upside down I got a feeling we'll be up for this one.

      DBs gonna have a target on his back in this one.


  • I hate playing Souths, their sweep plays rip our right edge defence apart. 

    I liked that BA addressed this in his presser and acknowledged our record against them is poor for this reason. 

    Would love to get the win and give us a chance to make top 4. The top 3 are locked in imo. Sharks run home is a charity run and we won't finish ahead of Cowboys unless they lose 3 and we win all 4 games. 

    I think the 4th spot will be either Parra or Storm. I'll be cheering the Panthers hard this weekend. 

  • THe last thing we want is to have to play the Roosters first round of the semi finals. How they are u der the cap but could still afford Lodge is beyond belief. 

    At least our right edge defence looked better second half. Looked like they trusted each other a lot more.

  • Probably a massive call, but i really think if we can learn to beat Souths then we can win a premiership.

    Plus i despise the glory, glory soundbite they play with every point.

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