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Bevan French set to quit NRL


Former Parramatta fan favourite Bevan French is set to quit the NRL and move to England.

A prolific tryscorer in his early days with the Eels in 2016-17, French is out of favour with the Eels and languishing in the Canterbury Cup with the Wentworthville Magpies.

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The Wigan club has made French an offer for next season and the 23-year-old could make the move even before then.

French could be a sensation in England with his pace and evasive skills, especially playing outside another new signing: former Rooster and Sea Eagle Jackson Hastings.

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        • He has to play in the halves or the middle of the field, Thooper. Any other position he will be rag dolled over the sideline. You may be able to run, but that accounts for very little if you have legs the size of the average adults arms.

    • He has been doing better this year as he is more confident since his injury plagued last two years.  The reports had him playing at 5/8 for a while but now at fullback, could not really see a future for him at fullback with Gutho owning that spot now.

      Maybe as Axle suggested he could learn a lot in England and develop into a much better halves player, his co player in Hastings is also a very good player with smarts for the game but not off it.

    • I think your judgement is harsh JB.

      Bevan is one of the most gifted and natural footballers you will see, technically his game is perfect, yes even in defence.

      The reality is that Bevan's physically lack's the build and relative dimensions to be a NRL player at present, given the way modern NRL has gone. He physically does not have the body strength to prevent himself being rag dolled. The other aspect is that he could play wing, but the game has changed there now as well, height has become an enormous requirement for a winger.    

      All those things said he could still play with a Storm or Rooster's type side and lead the tryscorers, but when you look at those  sides, they are richly endowed with wingers. 

      People could argue that Ado Carr is built similarly but he is not in terms of body strength, Ado Carr was not always like that though and maybe Bev will strengthen over time, I have no doubt he has put all the necessary work in.

      He will be a wonderful buy for the English side that picks him up and I suggest he will work exceptionally well for them.

      Good luck Bev, I enjoyed your effort and the excitement when things were going better for you.

      • In what way is my judgement harsh now Poppa ?

        All i mentioned about Bevan was in a perfect world he would pretty much come back into a position that suited smaller players in todays game, I don't see the issue with that?

        • "I wish that were Brad Arthurs plans with him from when he was a youngster as i feel we never got the best out of Bevan.
          Seems to be a common theme with Brad though"

          The harshness was in blaming Bev's lack of development on BA, whereas I saw it was outside of anyone's control.

          What I will say and I have no idea who can or even should be blamed on this.....Bev did a lateral knee ligament at the end of his great try scoring season. He subsequently actually had the ligament removed as it seemed the quickest way to get him back.....I am no expert on such matters but I believe it robbed Bev of confidence as he lost his magical ability to swerve and excelerate .....he then came back the next season as part of the Horror of 2018 and a player of his size needs a pack of forwards and big backs to give him security.

          There was in fact no point in Harvesting a lightning fast try scoring wizard in a bunch of "palooka's" that turned out that year.....if you a looking for blame then head in that direction.

          Finally I would say that in our current side, I would have Bev as a first option for any of the wingers or fullback if an opportunity arose.......if he had to play fullback I don't believe that Ferguson or Sivo would leave it to him to run it back!......high level sport can have some cruel repercussions!

          • Are you saying that Bevan took the quick recovery option with his knee ?

            • I implied that JB but I also said I would not know....what I was illuding to was that at the time there was some discussion as to the methodology of the treatment re removal or otherwise.

              I would to be respectful to the discussion probably prefer for someone who has a legitimate medical understanding of the procedure to comment as to alternative or otherwise methods of healing this type of injury.

              If my memory serves me right, someone (player) just recently had this ligament removed as well. 

              The other question I would ask is the dependance on the operation for a certain type of player i.e. maybe not as important for a forward or power athlete as it is for a smaller, faster player who relies on agility.

              • Pretty dissapointing either way by whoever made the decision based on the longevity of his career.

                • I also reccolect that there were some discussions out there in regard to the type of operation that was TO BE carried out on the knee, it was said that the operation to be carried would enable him to return sooner than the other option, whatever that was.

                  Who is to blame, well for a start I would feel confident in saying that it would have been done by the clubs specialist doctors, more than likely one that is replacement or other similar primary degrees.  The specialist that did a knee replacement and shoulder reconstruction on me is part of a sports specialist group and works with NRL clubs, he now works in a reduced area and only on specific joint areas.

                  The specialist along with the player would have made the reccomendations as to which way was the best option to go.  The game today means that clubs want their players back on the field in due time, and I would not imagine that they would take the 2nd best option for him owing to his value at the time, as its rarelly worth the risk.

                  The sorrow of the whole saga is that Bev lost a lot of confidence when he returned and may be just getting it back but I also suggest that he would still be a bit tentative with the knee especially if there is any twinges with it.

                • Dissappointing yes, blameworthy....not sure, as Col writes hereunder it (the system) would have weighed these issues up.....

                  as an aside I have found in life that lateral thinking does not come easy to many people.....especially experts on science/medicine and then relating action to the clear thinking of the patient.....who if like me usually wants the quick fix and worry about the consequences afterwards. BA would seem on evidence to be not good in this arena either....maybe understandandbly when you could be gone 12 months later and the decision of patience you initiate is still sitting in the wings.

                  Lesson's to be learned by everyone.....subjectively, because I am not even sure they have even considered what we are talking about....easier out of sight, out of mind!

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