Bevan French set to quit NRL


Former Parramatta fan favourite Bevan French is set to quit the NRL and move to England.

A prolific tryscorer in his early days with the Eels in 2016-17, French is out of favour with the Eels and languishing in the Canterbury Cup with the Wentworthville Magpies.

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The Wigan club has made French an offer for next season and the 23-year-old could make the move even before then.

French could be a sensation in England with his pace and evasive skills, especially playing outside another new signing: former Rooster and Sea Eagle Jackson Hastings.

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  • Good on him will score plenty of tries in England 

  • In a perfect world, Bevan would go to England and develop as a halfback or 5/8 for a few years and then come back to Parramatta and finish his career alongside Dylan Brown.

    I wish that were Brad Arthurs plans with him from when he was a youngster as i feel we never got the best out of Bevan.

    Seems to be a common theme with Brad though.

    Thanks for your efforts Bevan and goodluck!


    • Good point John re BA developing players. I may be mistaken but I am yet to see a player under BA develop into another position than the one he was initially signed for.    

      • I don't really see how that's an issue. Very few coaches can take a player from one position and stick them in another and they become fantastic there, especially moving them from say fullback into the halves.

        This comment that Ba DoEsN't DeVeLoP PlAyErS is getting tired and outdated. Reed Mahoney is on his way to becoming a top line hooker, we have three juniors in the U20s Origin, Gutherson is 18th man for NSW, Mitchell Moses is leading the comp for try assists, Maika Sivo is the leading try scorer, Nathan Brown has become one of the best locks in the game. 

        Development takes time. Juniors start at the age of 14. It's why we're only now seeing them well and truly come through. Ethan Parry, Salesi Faingaa, Stefano Utoikamanu, Oregon Kaufusi, Ray Stone, Marata Niukore, Reed Mahoney, Dylan Brown have or will play in the NRL in the next 12 months. That's eight juniors in two seasons which is a damn good conversion rate given many of these guys played together in juniors. There are four players from our 2017 NYC Grand Final team who are all now playing first grade with a couple more in and around the first grade squad. That doesn't normally happen. 

        • Players with certain attributes can make a them easier to transform into different positions.

          Take Bevan for example, good awareness/vision, good kicking game, good running game..... these are all attributes that can be put in the same basket as a halves player.

          Bevan had too much ability to let him waste away being portrayed as a winger, the least you could do was experiment with him after it was evident he wasn't going to cut it as a winger.

          It's not like we are asking for Brad to develop Alvaro into a centre, thats just comparing apples with oranges.

          • Shhhh John. I’ve been telling Thooper for a long time that Bevam needs to be developed as a half or moved along. Thooper just won’t hear it.

            Is it the end of Bevan French, Thooper?

            Yes it is.

        • I will get blasted for this but I do not see a big future for Reed, He works hard but I think his size and speed will not allow him to become anything better than a bench hooker at any club.

          His potential is exactly what we are seeing right now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but jot this down for the future that RM will not be the EELS hooker in 3 years time. We will either find a new hooker or develop one.

    • You realise French is only one year younger than Moses? It's perhaps why we haven't tried to turn French into a half. What's the point in manufacturing a guy whose best asset is his running game into a half so he can sit behind two guys who have played in the halves all their lives?

      The fact Bevan is looking to move to the Super League indicates we're not the only club who thinks he isn't up to standard. And really, I think at the end of the day, it comes down to Bevan simply not suiting the NRL. He'll probably enjoy the extra space and freedom in England.

      • Your realise I said Perfect World? How often does that happen?

        And also I mentioned 'youngster', no problem having a bit of vision. 

This reply was deleted.

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