Bevan French our missing X Factor

Frenchy is killing it at moment in the UK and I reckon he could me our missing X factor we are oooking for. We could move Gutho into the left centre and French back to fullback. 

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  • I was thinking the same thing. He's bulked up too!

  • Imo ESL is a step up from reserve grade and a step down from NRL. French always had talent but in my opinion when he was playing NRL he was young and a bit timid regarding the collision. His highlights package from last years ESL shows he definitely COULD star at NRL level. He has everything you want from a fullback, speed, a neat passing game, a threat with ball in hand, kicking. My only concern with French is what we would lose from Gutho not being fullback..... defence. Highlights packages don't really show how many defensive errors he made last year?

  • He is a speed hump in defence, Gutho is a much better option. He has been playing 6 for last few seasons unless you want swap him for Brown? So he played well in a Trial against the Panthers and now he is our x factor saviour. Lol 

  • If he has been defending a 6, surely his defence at fullback would have improved than?  Tbh I can't really comment on his defence because I don't watch much SL. French didn't just have 1 decent trial against Penrith, he's been killing it in SL from what I can see.

  • If we are going to spend more money on another mid level signing, we may as well go for a reserve grader who is already in Australia. 

  • I am a big fan of the Super League and support St Helens but it isn't as good a competition as the NRL overall. You have the likes of St Helens, Wigan, Catalans and whoever else is top 4 and then there is a signficant drop between those teams and the likes of Castleford, London Broncos etc. The thing with French is, when he first came to the club his first two seasons were good at Parramatta because nobody really knew what to expect, by the third season in 2018, the other teams had worked him out. I've never seen a player get thrown into touch as many times as French. He was also driven back every time he took the ball up. He then publicly undermined Brad Arthur and said "If I'm not playing fullback I want out of here", so he was banished to reserve grade and never played NRL again. How come none of the other 15 clubs at the time offered him a deal when his contract ran out with us in 2019?.

  • Despite plenty of opportunities when clubs like tigers, saints, bulldogs and knights were looking for halves which French plays now, he hasn't even rated a mention.  If getting someone from super league English forwards have better success in NRL and jack Welsby is only half worth considering.


    • Geez FM, your quoting those clubs as good judges?

      Interesting aside he is a similar style of player to Reece Walsh. When Reece came back from Warriors how many on here would have had him. Tristan Sailor always a talent and now Broncs want to make room for him.

      These type of players need to play to a certain type of structure, I don't believe BA can coach that way.

      Poo old Wiz doesn't like him and says we have 60 and 70 year olds running around in ESL .....hard to argue with that! LOL

      IF he did come back I would have him on a wing, at least until Guth suggests otherwise.

    • Widdop and Williams were pretty decent halves in the NRL. Blake Green whilst no world beater came back from SL a much better player. Why are so many people judging him only on what he did as a young bloke. Players improve as they get older and smarter and work their own game out better. I reckon at the right price he'd be worth a crack at

      • We won't really know unless he decides go back to the NRL at some point. I think the failure rate of players who come from Super League is much higher than those who succeed. It's usually the forwards from Super League that go to the NRL seem to fair a bit better.

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