Best XVII + Top 30 & Dev players

Gday all!

Merry Christmas!  Wanted to get the creative juices flowing this morning..
I believe that below is our strongest starting team.

The structure is set up so we see the depth/successor behind the starter in the backs and halves with forward depth listed below in no particular order.

Hopefully we can keep this positive and not centre it around particular players. 
It's worth noting that I'm not necessarily saying that the player listed as the 'apprentice' should directly replace the senior player if something was to happen (touch wood) but mostly saying I think these are our plans long term at the moment.


Side note for Asi:
Unfortunately Asi is aparantly only on a 1 year loan deal, which is a shame because he will be one of our best this year. Best case scenario is the young man falls in love with a young local girl and doesn't want to leave. He gets the kind at 14 for me because of his talent and ability along with his versatility and defensive attitude. He is a great defender with exceptional ball skills and a great footy mind. He can play Centre Half and Hooker in a pinch.

Since he is moving on next year I think we lean on his versatility and plug him in at 14, will hurt his development long term but will be what's best for the Blue and Gold.


One to watch: Jayden Yates. Think Ray Stone with service and a nose for finding the ingoal. He won't hit quite as hard as Ray but no one does.

Also, Sean Russell, we haven't seen the best of him yet, I think he is a future superstar. A mix between KingG and Papenhuyzen.

Freddy and Joey heaped praise on young Zac Cini prior to his exciting and impressive debut worth the Tigers a couple years back. He will do a job for us, like Opa but with a bit of charisma and X-Factor. 


Gutherson / Russell

Sivo / Komolafe


Cini / Simo

Waqa / Dunster

Brown / Hands

Moses / Jakey


Hodgson / Yates









Tapau (good source confirmed signing)


No Particular Order







Looking forward to shooting the breeze with anyone interested but hopefully we can keep it positive. 

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  • Gesh, thats a pretty skinny looking team compared to last year. With Matterson and simmonson missing for the opening matches it will be a hard slog.  Surely we have someone better than Cini in the centres?  

    • Gday Cheifton 

      I think Cini can do a job. Simo would come in for him once he is back to full strength. I think it's a bit of a blessing in disguise, Simonson could spend a few weeks building confidence in his body but also in his (hopefully) new position in the NSW cup.

      Ive mentioned before that Asi would probably be our likely replacement at Centre but would like to see Cini have a crack first, Asi provides a lot of versatility so could capitalize on that is Cini is good enough.

      When you say 'Skinny' are you referring to the first grade quality depth or the literal size of the forward pack? 

      Thanks for the chat :)

    • Dont forget Cini was a junior Kangaroo. He might be the suprise of the season.

  • No Bryce Cartwright? I always enjoy when he plays, as no one knows what he's going to do (Bryce included.) If BA isn't going to give him a shot at first grade, why not release him and free up some cap? 

    • Definitely an oversight not including him, great call Mr Suede.

      I think he would live in the forward depth/18th man section.

      His defence is just such a let down, it’s not like he is an up and coming exciting young talent who can be cut some slack here or there. He is a fully fledged veteran of the game but he can’t seem to hold the line and make effective contact. I think opposing teams make him a target if he is a full time starter, even in the Centres.

      Carty can put together some amazing highlights and make things happen out of nothing but ultimately he is responsible for more points ‘against’ then ‘for’.

      18th man versatility break glass incase of emergency.

      Thanks Mate!

  • Make no mistake Jed the MEAT of the team is already here.We don't need stars in every position we need ascending talent mixed in with guys who'll roll there sleeves up and do there jobs.

    A guy like Cini who I'm not a particular fan of is as I suggest a guy who just comes in and does his job.

    Sure we have lost some players but so has every contender.Parra is very handily placed and now the cap has been confirmed.I see no reason why we can't add or extend key guys to keep the window open.


    • Agreed Coryn!

      I think our spine and starting forward pack is great.

      Would love to see us secure an elite Centre like Herby.

      • Potentially for 24 it isn't out of the question as both Waqa and Simonsson both are off contract.

        I think Herbie wants to play fullback though soa team fullback needy will probably be his preferred option.

        • Yeah that's right isn't it! I forgot about that. I'd say he is hedging his bets and backing himself in to get a chance there this year, either over origin or as injury coverage. Once he gets that he will be Dolphins star signing!

          How do you feel about Brian Kelly mate? I think he could explode with us.

      • Herbie is good far from elite I'd be surprised if we sign another centre 

This reply was deleted.

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