Bennett’s arrogance finally bites him

This bloke has and always will think his above all the rules. His ramblings were well put out there by his old Inlaw Ikin. Good to see someone calling this out as what it is. He didn’t do the right thing for the continuation of NRL for this year

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  • What about his claims he didn't know the rules, he was on the project Apollo committee who set the rules!!! 


    • He can't remember that far back!

  • I used to hold him in high regard, that was until he split with his wife and left her to care for their two children with special needs.

    • I’m no fan of the man but I can tell you Adam that’s not the case mate. I’m involved with the disability services sector up here mate and I can tell you for a fact that he didn’t abandon his kids at all. He has seen to it that they have been provided for financially and his ex wife gave him her blessing to move to Sydney way back when he was coaching the Dragons. 

      Like I said, I’m no fan of the man but I’ll never question his relationship with his kids.

      • Those are my thoughts on the matter and they aren’t going to change. Besides as a father you can’t substitute money or permission for actually being there for your kids.

        • I’m not saying you can mate, but his kids are adults and he has been a dedicated dad for as long as I can remember. I very much doubt that’s changed.


  • His comments seem to indicate that he doesn't really have a grasp on what the issue is.

    I reckon he might have reached his "use by" date. Happens to everyone eventually...

    • Tell me about it! happens to everyone eventually!

      • Used by, Poppa? Who used you? We gonna biff em

    • Poor old Wayne is so used to being able to lie and BS the media that he just did t know how to handle the fact that clear rules and pictures had him dead in the water. So he floundered around, clueless how to spin it, making shit up on the spot. 
      Msg to Wayne : "Sorry Wayne, we don't expect you to be perfect, and it's not the worst sin, but you should not have tried to gaslight about it. Just suck the lemons on this one"

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