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Bankwest Stadium Fights!

Listening to "Inside the NRL" it appears there are numerous NRL teams who want to use Bankwest Stadium next year as regular home game fixtures. The Roosters have already looked into contract terms, Canterbury, West Tigers, South Sdney and possibly Penrith! On top of that there is the Western Sydney Wanderers and of course the Parramatta Eels who are supposed to the main beneficiaries of the new stadium. So before even 1 game has begun the new $300 Million stadium has got some teams hot under the collar claiming it as their own! Possible talk of making the seat colours red & black to accomodate the Western Sydney Wanderers.

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  • Looks like they are all jealous!

    Seat colours won't be changed. There's a reason why they are grey. How many sports teams have that colour? They also will look the same atfer 10 years in the sun.

    • Seat colours are only part of the discussion for teams that won't pack out the stadium. Won't be a problem for the eels.

  • The Roosters will be looking into it because the SCG is rubbish as a football stadium whilst the new SFS is being built. The Bulldosgs and Souths will be looking for the same reason when ANZ is being refurbished. 

    But it's not surprising, it will be the best rectangular stadium in the country. 

    Stop your BS about the Wanderers Monto, it's getting tiring. The new stadium would not have been built just for the Eels, the Wanderers had to part of the equation, come to terms with that. It only has to be "our" ground on matchday, the players won't be training there during the week.

    • They will probably only spray the red and black seat colour when the Wanderers play with a wash out type paint! So when the game is finished they can just hose it all down.

      • Stop trying to bait people Monts

        • Im not a keen fisherman HKF. I didnt mind fishing when I was younger but not so much now. 

      • Nah, the Wanderers are in the process of making reversible cushioned seat covers.


        • Actual I think I will claim copyright on that before any one gets any idea. I reakon they may be a market for personal, water proof, cushioned, reverseable seat covers in the team colours and logo.

          • Great idea Browny! I think your onto something.

        • No doubt red and black. Not a bad idea, those seats look a bit uncomfortable.

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