Baby Boo - Hoo Broncos

I know the Broncos team has hit a bit of a bad patch but seriously some players "crying" after losing six games is just a bit over the top. Then being comforted by an opposition player in Cameron Blair. I wonder if Ray Price, Led Boyd, Geoff Toovey, Bob O'Reilly would shed a few tears on the field after losing six games. Seriously, there's  much more serious things in life happening to people to shed tears over but losing six games of Rugby League. These players need to toughen up, grow up, face the music, knuckle down instead of blubbering like babies looking for sympathy.

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  • My cynical nature wonders how much those tears were PR tears

    • Kenny I'm not even sure it's cynical in this instance. More like a reasoned suspicion. I mean, after a week where they copped a hiding for laughing after their 5th loss, all of a sudden a 6th loss is now an existential crisis reducing every single one of the to tears? 5 losses, ah whatever ha ha ha; 6 losses oh my god we realize the travesty of it all?

      It's just not believable. They were taken behind closed doors and the PR folks had a big input into the messages delivered behind close doors. The Broncos have not been a perennial finals team and off field commercial juggernaut by accident. The tears were coached. Or, more accurately, they were told emotions were fine except for laughing at a loss. 

  • Got to feel for Broncos. I always respect opposition and never think any game is easy. Look at Roosters they were home done and dusted when Cameron Smith applied his brilliance on practically last play. What a game that was. Keary played  at his hottest too and still couldn't win. Much respect. 

    • Parakeet, you're a better person that I, then, because the only feeling I have got for the Broncos right now is glee and delight. Oh how the mighty fall. They're a club that throws their commercial weight around, from player inducements to almost always playing Friday nights. When is misfortune just desserts?!

      • Can't kick them when there down Daz. They are a team I aways enjoy beating normally. I agree with your summary but looking at individuals at the moment.  In fact I think they may have to postpone SOO his year. 

    • I don't feel sorry for them. one bad year and we should feel sorry for them, we have gone through hell and back and so have other clubs . For once let them feel what it's like and let see how plastic their supporters are as all they have ever known is good times . No matter how bad parra have travelled we generally have the most or near most crowds in Sydney . 

      • Especially when that one bad year is entirely of their own making.

  • Only Balmain boys don't cry. 


  • They got in trouble for laughing after last weekends match. Piss poor. 

  • Well last week they were lambasted for laughing & joking with the Titans players after a loss. I don’t have a problem with crying, it just means that it’s important to them. It’s supposed to hurt when you lose. 

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