BA to the Tigers?

Brought up last week on the Sunday Footy show. If anything it will not happen, but if Wests want a coach to get them relevant, BA is a good start. To be fair BA can coach, getting Wests to at least in the 8 would be a massive achievement at this stage.

Michael Chammas brought it up around 1:30 mark. Also mentions Ciraldo taking over as he is courting the job apparently. Again not speculating simply showing everyone what was said.

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      • Great: Of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average.

        Good: Having the required qualities; of a high standard.

        Adjectives, like pronounciation, are important to convey meaning.

        Helping uncle Jack, off a horse.

        Helping uncle, jack off a horse. 

        • lol

    • The players under their mantels were envious incomparison to this day and age. Can I give a mention here to Tim Sheens who also knew how to coach and very successful. I rate extremely highly. 

  • BA to the Tigers make a heck of a lot of sense - as much as it pains me to think of BA at another club, he is a good first grade coach and whilst he may not have it in him to get the Eels to a premiership, the position he's brought the Eels to over these past years shows a pretty amazing development coach.

    Some coaches are specialists at development, getting a club from cellar dwellers to regular Finals competitors - and given that the Eels have now remained in the Top 8 longer than any team in the NRL competition, no one is more credentialled at this task than BA.

    As for the Eels, we're probably at that point where we need to take a punt on someone. And Ciraldo certainly seems like the punt worth taking. He comes from a great system and knows what sustained success looks like - he is untested as a head coach so it could go spectacularly badly, but fortune favours the brave and part of success is knowing when change needs to happen even when there is risk involved.

    BA to the Tigers, Ciraldo to the Eels - it just makes sense. This is all post 2022 season of course. We'll do the "end of season review", Arthur will be asked politely to resign, he'll fall on his sword and we'll announce Ciraldo as the next coach. Following that the Tigers will announce BA as their new coach. These discussions need to be going on now behind closed doors, this needs to be managed in advance and managed well - Arthur should have already been told that it's Grand Final or bust for him. Ciraldo should be told the same (and given that he just extended with the Panthers for 2023 I assume he has, or at least considers himself short priced favourite for the role).

    Arthur gets to establish himself as the rebuild coach specialist and have a "Take 2" at trying to build a premiership winning squad. Ciraldo gets to step out of the Penrith Systems shadow and test himself on the big stage. The puzzle pieces fit quite nicely.

    All will happen prior to the new year.

    The only thing that changes that is the Eels making a Grand Final this year.

  • BA is the perfect fit for the Tigers.

    And we need a new direction I think we are a good fit for Ciraldo

    • Offside,

      We know very little about Ciraldo.

      • To be honest, that's part of the appeal. We know too much about too many other options to know they're not worth pursuing (Madge, Barrett, Flanno, Green, NBrown etc). Of the up-and-comers in coaching land of recent years there were always two big names: Ciraldo and Fitzgibbon.

        Fitzgibbon is off the market and looking pretty good in his first season. That's what we'd be hoping to emulate with Ciraldo. 

        This season will show if BA has truly hit his ceiling and peaked as coach - if he has, Ciraldo is definitely the pick of the bunch in terms of who's available in the market right now.

        • Well Cap, i would say Ciraldo could be better than Fitzy, and we have a better line-up than Cronulla this year, so who knows who Ciraldo could do.

          Ciraldo is very smart and patient operator, he would not take any job. Other coaches on the market would. Other than one of the supercoaches who will never be available, not everybody is going to be happy with who we hire. Ciraldo at least is top choice of numerous teams.

  • Great coaches leave the joint in a better place in which they received it.

    • Good coaches do that, great coaches win multiple titles and the best do it with different clubs. Some people here are sloppy with their usage of adjectives, we have words to convey different meanings, otherwise everyone is great, everyone is a winner.

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