BA speaks on Triple M

BA on triple m now.

Acknowledges win or lose next 2 our ladder position unlikely to change.

Same team will play next week as want to challenge the boys to work on some of the execution from last night and test themselves.

Then likely to rest players vs panthers that need it to be fresh

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  • Ok not a bad choice to play them to fix some excercution, though hope it is better than last night, 70% completion percentage to NQ's 75%

    Give Melbourne the sets on the line that we gave NQ last night Melbourne score on each set so it is smart to get it done now against the best and gain confidence wherever we can.

    Winning last night has given BA that chance to rest players, had we lost i think he would've played full strength to get a win before semis.

  • Yep, need them to get the execution right. I mentioned I the other blog they can't get that right at training, they need match awareness. There were at least some positives last night, but still some poor options by some, including Gutho. Need to step up and show they can improve again next week against the benchmark.

    • It is dangerous and great versing Melbourne next week BE. Dangerous as in if we excecute like last night and Melbouren get a roll on we could be back to square one in confidence. But great in that if we snag a quick try or two our confidence will sky rocket higher and faster than it would versing anyone else, so this is a big game for our finals campaign as last night was.

      A loss last night and that's confidence gone for the year, but we didn't and got some back, but if we get slaughtered we could easily lose it again or a unlucky loss of a few points we can keep the confidence we gained into Penrith.

      • Double edged sword for sure. That said, even if we make a couple of mistakes and get behind on the scoreboard, I still want them to play somewhat expansive like they did last night. I think it's better confidence wise to go down swinging and know you've just made some execution errors that have led to points, rather than completely change the game plan, shut down like the last few weeks and implode.

        There was much more balance to the game plan last night, hit the middles, a shift wide early, hit the edges, forwards in motion, ball playing before the line. It wasn't executed very well at times, but it was a pleasant change. I think it was the game plan that we can trouble the big teams with. Just different points of attack. I'd still like to see Carty given the last 15-20 of each half with a roaming role, he can make things happen, his size draws defenders and he can offload. 

        • The only to beat Melbourne mostly is through expansive football, hope Arthur doesn't fall back on be basic and win through the ruck as you cannot do that v Melbourne the whole 80 especially at Suncorp. You have to be expansive and throw it around, with caution of course

  • Fair enough 

  • Nathan Brown needs a two week break, he must be playing injured.

  • Shades of Jack Gibson.

  • 6 is where we will finish as Manly and Roosters finish the season proper with much easier games than us.

    I think we will beat 7th place in the first round if we play like we did last night (or better) but that's where it ends.


    • I think u r correct, we will finish 6th, barring a miracle, and will play the Knights who appear to be coming into a bit of form, coinciding with having most of their top 17 available. However if we play like we did last night, we will be beaten. I'm hoping more than expecting us I do think avoiding 4th and getting smashed by the Storm in the 1st week is a blessing!

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