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After beating the Tigers on Sunday, Arthur now sits at 99 wins as an NRL and Eels coach, a win against Canterbury will give Arthur his 100th career win. Despite constant back and forth of loving him and hating him, I Myself been guilty of flip flopping between two beliefs of his coaching, there is not denying this is a massive achievement, considering over 50% of NRL coaches barely get to coach 100 games then get 100 wins.After coming to 2019 season with a 46% record he has led the Eels over the last two and half years to boost his percentage to 53%, again no matter what anyone thinks of him, this is a massive achievement and if on Sunday it is achieved then he should be congratulated.

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                • Give what a rest? 

                  • Lol nothing mate it was a joke 

        • I reckon he'd actually make a great GM

          • Agree he play an important part in the football department 

      • Brett Allen That is a good way of looking at it. He has limitations (and I do not believe he will coach us to a premiership) however he has improved our club, we are there and there abouts, not winning spoons and fighting for 13th. 

    • Premierships are not the goal Mick.... just being close is good enough.... until memeberships start dropping.

      Pull the trigger before it is too late.

      • Round 20 - 26 Bert is a real test for BA, nothing wrong with wanting a title it's been way too long 

        • Rounds 20 - 26 Flanno is licking his lips.

          Staring at his phone waiting for "that" call from HQ.

          • It's pretty funny - you blokes keep saying you want a Premiership, yet you are hoping and praying for an absolute bog average Coach to take over to try and get it - that's counter productive. How about having a look at common sense like what Pou pasted regarding success rates and make a normal comment instead of this incessant whingeing, smart arse remarks and carrying on without any support for the current coach? Too hard for you?

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