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Poor old BA is loosing the plot at the moment. In the presser he made a not so subtle dig at parra fans.

He talked about "people" having "pot-shots", "id like to see them put their body on the line".

I've got news for you mate. Players invest they're bodies to get paid. We invest in Eels membership / goods to get screwed.

And with that type of attitude, you've invested in a coffin for you're "coaching career".

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BA keeps getting a pass mark from most unicorn fans because he’s a ‘top bloke’.

I couldn’t care less what BA thinks. As ticketed members we pay good money to watch this side play week in week out. Before he talks about fans he should learn how to manage a professional rugby league side.

Exactly right Pete, the blokes a clown.

Uncle Arthur is still too young to get a run for BA Snake.

Quit before you are pushed bush pig

BA last week was too piss weak to have a go at the Refs who completely f***** us over, this week he is happy to take pot shots at the loyal fans who have stuck by this train wreck of a team year after year??

F*** off you two bit money balling clueless bum,  The corn in my tomorrow mornings AGB has got you covered for RL knowledge. 

Him being on any more than a minimum contract is like the make a wish foundation for sick kids. 

Only only Parra would this bloke have a job mopping floors let alone being a head coach.

Well Parra is the club that hired a t-shirt seller (seward was merchandise manager at the Dogs) as the club ceo

And a failed plumber (Sharp) as chairman

So a cleaner as coach isn't that strange

What a mess BA has got Parra into, the bloke has no idear how to coach, BA dosn,t bleed blue and gold, his hangin around for the dollars, when he leaves his career will be over.

He has made a mess of our juniors and our seniors. And we've still got 2019 for him to fu@k.

We looked realy bad tonite, we need a new coach new assistants, and 4/5 new players. But BA knows we carn,t afford to pay the grub out and then pay good dollars for a decent coach.

BA's got so much time and energy on the side he coaches the under 10s Kellyville dopes, id rather a coach who puts his time and energy into his 1st grade team.

Apparently they are losing too...


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