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Poor old BA is loosing the plot at the moment. In the presser he made a not so subtle dig at parra fans.

He talked about "people" having "pot-shots", "id like to see them put their body on the line".

I've got news for you mate. Players invest they're bodies to get paid. We invest in Eels membership / goods to get screwed.

And with that type of attitude, you've invested in a coffin for you're "coaching career".

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I hate it when coaches resort to the body on the line b*******. It’s not warfare or something. I played park footy as a youngster as I’m sure a lot of people who blog here did and we all put our bodies on the line for nothing. The season wasn’t any shorter. It’s professional sport and they are paid to do it.
And anyone of us if we could we would be out there foing it for free

Just wait until I  post my open letter to BA , I will be ripping apart the last 7 generations of Arthur men .  Brad Arthur is such a piss poor coach and person that if I were drowning in a sewer and Brad Arthur held out his hand to save me I'd rather drown in shit than be helpful by such a shit person .  


Fongy waiting on your open letter to Bradope

Just to think of all the great Arthur's we have had

King Arthur

Uncle Arthur

Arthur Fonzerelli

And now this bald headeded geek is disgracing the fine Arthur name 

They need to ignore the "fans". This season is over, just go and enjoy it.

Yeah just go out and earn shitloads and enjoy it. Who cares about the results as long as you have fun.

F*** the fans who pay your wages, one of your best Excusefin.

"fans" huh?

Permalink Reply by Dave 2 hours ago

You are the reason this club hasn't won shit for over 30 Years 

BA needs to fall on his sword. His team is playing pathetic and he is in charge. Do us a favour please Brad and feck off.

Just saw Bennett showing some rare emotion for the last two Broncos tries - what id give to have a great coach like Bennett just for once.

Last great coach was Smith and that feels like a farking long time ago now.

Im no Bronco lover, but that try by Jimmy the Jet was one for the ages.


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