Regardless of what happens this 2nd half.. the first half was yet another example of this side not looking prepared to play.

Limited intensity, Unorganised compressed defence (which Souths have easily gotten us with over and over for 5 years), attention to detail is right off (losing scrums against the feed ). How are 17 players all like this on game day... theres a dommon denominator . I'm not sure how the big wigs at our club don't look at this and see huge alarm bells.

I think we'll come at them in the second half but it doesnt change again, we were not ready for this game and BA's message is wearing thin. "We didn't get into the grind" "DIdn't earn the right to play footy" " Souths beat us to the punch in every area" "weren't physical enough" ... he cnt fix it. 

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  • They go round us every year. We have to play some footy when in the right areas of the field. One out stuff wont win it. 

    • lol they've beaten us the exact same way for years . He can't solve it . 

      It doesn't matter if you beat Melbourne @'Melbourne and Penrith @ Penrith if you can't turn it into a top 4 spot . The loses will mean absolutely nothing to those 2 team at the end of the day and some idiot supporters and decision makers at our club will hang their hats on it . BA is out of his depth . He has no idea how to get a team performing at a top 4 level throughout a season. He has a coaching ability and that's closer to rebuilding than it is to getting a team into the elite level . 

  • BA is the dumbest coach in the NRL. He put on a MHF beanie to maker himself look smart. We will never win anything  with this Fuckwit.


    • Not even win Bingo

  • I f'ing hate south's almost as much as Mel. We are shite!

    where the fk is Moses and Dylan brown 

  • All been said a million times. We've no chance of winning this year or any year if he stays. Surely it's the final nail in BAs coffin 

  • Be a man and walk brad


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Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Bingo, Mutt.
I think Jake is going to have a tough night also, Latrell is going to be coming at him at full speed all night. Ice will need to be a body guard."
36 minutes ago
Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"We defend as we did against Manly in the second half. No matter what is happening inside, Sivo & Waqa didnt jam in, they slid & gave time for Penisini & Opacic to cover. Saab had 4 line breaks in the first half, and zero in the second after BA made…"
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