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Arthur to wait until year's end to make a decision on Hayne

“Yeah look, he’s played well a couple of games since he’s been back (from injury),” Arthur said when asked if there have been any developments in Hayne’s contract situation for next season.

“He just needs to keep going back-to-back with performances and efforts like that and then we’ll see where it get to at the end of the year.

“But he’s more than comfortable to wait and see what happens at the end of the year.”

Arthur added when asked specifically about Hayne’s performance against the Knights: “He was really good.

“The plan was that we thought we could get some opportunity down our left and I would have seen us go there a touch more at the back-end of the game … we needed to get the ball to him a touch more there.”


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Yeah it was so frustrating. If you read between lines in Brads above statement...he would be as effn furious and dumbfounded as we were Coryn. Who is responsible for not following through? I’m going Moses overcalling and King distribution.

Dunno what to say mate.

All I can see is our halves for some reason either don't have the nads to call a game and change up things on the fly or the players aren't buying into what there selling.

What I will say is this right now Norman runs this team screw everyone else he calls the shots he's the inform half I'm looking at him the next few weeks to salvage something from this putrid season.

Absolutely...it’s clear as day not working. Like I said before, just don’t see Moses as being happy to take a back seat in calling the shots type of player.

This may be dumb but put Norms in as Captain, but with specific instructions on who makes the decisions, that was his problem when he was captain before with IDG overruling him on more than one occasion.  Leave Gutho out of the Captains role in order to concentrate on his game.

Chief ain’t it funny how the pendulum has swung with fickle fans. Remember you were one that supported the Hayne signing but BA Hayne signing was bagged by tonnes of fans here and the press as well... in fact as I remember there were only a handful that loved the idea. Great to see him overcoming his injuries and stick it right back at em...has more talent and footy nous than the rest of the team combined.

I admit to being sceptical Macy, but last night he was good, Norms got Hayne worked, like it did when Mau was on that side and Semi on the wing.  It also worked last year with French on the wing with MJ there and Moses getting the ball to that side, but he's out of it this year.  French should come in looking for the ball many say, and yes he should but he is more a finishing winger and needs to get the ball for either himself to score or to set up play like he did last night with his infield kick. His no try at the end was a very close call as it was the toe of his boot that got the in goal side line, otherwise a win would have been recorded.

Why is Gutho doing the goal kicks now?

CYeah shame French had to concentrate so hard on the race chance  forgot about his toes haha

it was one pearler of a kick coming from Norms that finally gave him a chance. Moses is rubbish at attacking kicks has been all year. Consistently spoiling chances for building pressure and momentum too. Moses is not doing French too many favours. Stupid not to utilise his speed.

Well I have already made my decision on BA and he is a c&@t
I don't think it had anything to do with whose calling the shots.

Just plain simple errors by players trying too hard. Where the problem laid IMO was that again there was no plan B to retreat back to once the errors started happening.....they panicked. Yes the coach has to take the blame in that sense.

Gutho is trying too hard and unfortunately King just hasn't got the ability. Brown was off his game....which happens to anybody.

We invited Newcastle to have belief, whereas it should have been taken away from them.

Newcastle out wrestled us defensively in our own quarter. Pearce's long kicking game made the difference and we could not run it out.
As usual the 50/50 calls went against us....and forward passes through the ruck, combine with poor dummy half defense gave them a constant advantage.
This terrible season …..will it never end!

Not long now pops, as we have only around 7 games to go.

Brad Arthur won't be making the call that's why he never commented on the call

He did comment....almost the entire blog is his comment on the call......did you read the blog?


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