The Eels have a problem, but is the fix as simple as a change of tactics from the coaches box?

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                  • You had a go at someone earlier (who correctly suggested Flanno cheated) and asked where was the proof, were they there when it happened etc etc. Yet here you are continually spewing vitriol, mostly without any basis for fact, complete ignorance to what is actually happening and often throw in some blatant lies for good measure as well. So just where is your proof of all these claims you have made in this comment? Fact is, it is mostly utter tripe.

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                    • As usual defending stupidity and carrying on like a child in doing so. How many more people you want to call you out as a toxic keyboard coward? Maybe I should start a poll? Might be a wake up call for you.

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                    • Don't worry Brissy, DA FLOP will come to your aid again....Must be good having an alter ego fighting your battles for you🤔🤔🤔

                    • Who are you again? Is that you, Chief/Drooper/McLovin? Certainly sounds like it. Pot meet Kettle. Funny stuff. Ohh and I don't need anyone fighting my battles for me.

                    • Brissy, you have to cut Snake some slack. He has been butt fucked by Pell for years, now he is gone. His only form of communication is through pictures.

                    • Mate get over the cheating bullshit. Bellamy was part of the cooked books, Politis with his personal cap, both would be welcome with open arms at the Eels. 

                      Every sport in the world people cheat, some get caught. Flanagan has the credentials and the right to coach in the NRL. I personally am not sold on Flanagan,  but I do believe BA has done well at the Eels but has reached his ceiling. He has built this team up over 10 years and I doubt we have the cattle or ability to play finals footy in 2023. We have major flaws, we have had a few for years, Brad has problems and not sure how to address them.

                      For mine the Matto decision, Brad,s statement that he and the club stood behind Matto was wrong.

                      If we don't make the 8 for mine it shows problems with the coach team and recruiting.

                    • I wasn't talking about cheating, Graham, I was referring to a conversation PT47 was involved in earlier today that I wasn't, just quoting what he said. And asking him for the same proof he demanded from someone else in that conversation.

                      BTW, your last paragraph goes without saying, doubt anyone would disagree.

                    • Seriously... your comment makes no sense just like your name, how about making a worthwhile contribution.

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