The Eels have a problem, but is the fix as simple as a change of tactics from the coaches box?

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  • Sounds like this "editor" has been reading this site or is a contributor.

    He is good at offering up vague ideas but that's about it. 

    • It's not up to the editor to have good ideas It's up to the coach,  that's what he is paid to do. The editor is merely pointing out some of the issues that have been highlighted on this site by every day Joe blows for years. If the average fan can see what some of the issues holding this team back why can't the coach?.

      • What did he actually point out though? That Parra didn't do things differently against a team coming off the bye. 

        All 4 benchies got a run ... that's different.

        • He pointed out that BA doesn't use his bench rotation as well as other teams do, he leaves tired players on too long hence the concentration lapses, he also pointed out that hodgson is playing 80 minutes every week but the vast majority of teams rest their hooker during the game. 

          • Yeah Ok, but that's not earth shattering news is it.

            Maybe it's a personnel thing and not really a tactic. If others had our team maybe the bench would be used exactly the same and Hodgson would be on for 80 at the moment as well. Who knows? 

            Don't get me wrong, I think Arthur's best before date has well and truly expired but these sort of articles are just fluff that are put out for clickbait purposes.

            The items raised will get people agreeing wholeheartedly, disagreeing vehemently or (like me) going nothing to see here.

            As I said, it looks like he reads or contributes to this site. 

            Stay cool and hydrated if you are in a place that's about 35 C today.

      • Because he has blinkers on

    • What he said is very accurate.

    • But what he is saying is spot on. The coach has to change 

  • He's right about Hodgson  why is he playing 80 mins? We have a perfectly capable guy in Mitch Rein running around in reserves, he's actually younger than Hodgson . Why not use him off the bench to give Hodgson  a rest? I mean he carried Jakob Arthur on the bench all year last year and mainly used him at Hooker when our dummy half was 24 years old or whatever. He's now got a 33 year old and no cover at all? His bench is just weird  

    • I think Rein is further down the pecking than Hands and Yates tbh.

      Adrian Trevilyan

      I think he might be injured but would love to see us bring him in. Raiders have 3 hookers in their 30.

      Adrian Trevilyan's golden eye made him nation's best schoolboy player. Now the Raiders rake is read…
      From Kirwan to Canberra, his golden eye made Adrian Trevilyan a schoolboy star and now the Peter Sterling medallist is set to make his NRL debut.
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