Brad Arthur and Clint Gutherson spoke to the media ahead of the important clash against Manly, and the King's 150th milestone.

Arthur noted "he's so proud to be a part of it" and explained why.

"I'll always be forever grateful to Gutho".

"In particular it's so comforting to have a leader that believes in the same principles and the philosophies around the game and he just drives that message."

Arthur noted Gutho had repaid the Eels "tenfold" after being given the opportunity from Manly, and proud to see him mature greatly, and it was often Gutho was able to "calm" him down.

He admitted his frustration at the Eels' inconsistencies and performances and gave hints at where the problems lay, and what the solutions are.

"We need to give the game the respect by our start. We're not respecting the game with the way we are starting."

And, "We left it (the comeback) too late...and were fatigued by that point".

No excuses

Arthur pointed out there were "no excuses", but added it was not to do with preparation pointing out the team was not able to train properly for the Panthers clash where the mentality of the team was on.

"It's about our mentality and attitude when we go to the game (and) it falls on our senior players."

"At the end of the day, the rest of the team will follow their leadership and their mentality. All our senior players need to step up."

Arthur is expecting a bounce back from Manly this week, a Manly side that he notes will be full of confidence after "putting us to the sword" last year twice - noting the threat Manly and Turbo pose.


And here's The King

Interestingly, The King noted that only four to five players in the team were actually performing consistently, but the rest weren't playing up to their potential week to week.

He admits he supported the Silvertails as a kid, and at times didn't expect to make it to 150.

He only found out this week it was his 150th, and it would be special.





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  • Gutho and BA should congratulate bert and myself - if it wasn't for our " spaniel dish rolled around " jokes gutho wouldn't have sped into gear 

    we should be acknowledged 

    • Hahaha. Carlo I think that was mentioned once the cameras stopped rolling - along with the salted caramel popcorn. Some of our best kept secrets.

      • HOE I don't expect a lot for my service but a family membership would be very welcomed especially as bert can't attend from bloody South America ffs 

    • Yes Carlo, we were there from the very beginning when he was getting ragdolled every game like Jakob Arthur does.

      BA shouldn't take any  credit for "scouting" him though. I know for a fact that it was Foran who pushed for the club to sign him.

      He went from a thin runt with a bad hair cut, to a humble hard working cult hero, to an overated top tier fullback who dragged the club through the mud at every opportunity during contract negotiations & a mistaken riddled captain.

      Happy 150th Clint.

      I am more worried about this games result than I was last weeks.


      • Bert 

        they all need to go through the Carlo bert test phase 

        if they don't pass the teatowel bath towel test with a canine they are gorne !!!

        we have the perfect litmus 

        • 100% amiga. I wish I could screenshot our original posts that started from his debut game where he was absolute dog shit. 

      • 'I am more worried about this games result than I was last weeks'.

        Me too Bert - Manly will be baying for blood, u can almost smell another Dez ambush coming.


        • Interesting Frank. Last week I was less confident, and leaned towards an upset loss against the Chooks (we don't back up well & historically play sheet against the Roosters anywhere but home).

          But, this week I'm leaning towards us winning. A bounce back. We can't let Gutho down, surely (famous last words)?

          I reckon you're right though Manly will try and ambush us, play uptempo intense footy.

          Test the edges. DCE will attack all night with grubbers and kicks to our wingers. And that giant Okaluate with his crash plays might just score. Let's hope Turbo (looked like he was on one leg last week and in pain) is kept in check.

    • Sorry Carlo I missed it?

  • I'd love to know who his 4 to 5 players are ? 

This reply was deleted.

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