Areas We Need to Improve to Win

Starting to get a bit nervous, I've let myself believe we have a chance on Saturday. It's a big ask, 2nd v 6th and they are a very talented squad. They'll be pumped to try and make up for the loss against Souths.

I'm keen to know what others think are the key areas we need to improve on to beat the Panthers.

From my view:

* We have to be faster and get better control in the ruck. We can't afford to have defenders sitting next to the player playing the ball. Penrith play at top speed and we need to match them. Koroisau will punish any sloppiness in this area.

* We lose a bit in attack with Ray Stone. He needs to dart out of dummy half when we have them on the back foot. The defenders know exactly what he's going to do. As much as possible, he needs to keep them in two minds.

* Shut down Cleary. This guy rarely gets put under the pump for a whole game. I'd like to see someone in his face constantly putting pressure on him all game. We don't really put a lot of pressure on the opposition kicker, we can gain advantage by focussing on this a bit more.

* DB needs to have an influence. They have Luai who is a big part of their game and DB has to be able to counter-act him.

Of course we are going to have to be on top of our usual game with enthusiasm and ensure errors are kept to a minimum. Where do guys think we need to improve?

Go Parra


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  • If Moses keeps running and we don't get dudded by the bunker, we are a massive chance. Don't  get nervous Acme , get EXCITED. 

    • I don't see us getting much of the bunker or rub of the green. They are already pumping panthers vs storm gf rematch all through out the media, we will get no calls go our way this game I can tell.

  • 1. Our right edge defence 

    2. Dylan Brown. With Gutho injured it's Dylan's turn to provide the energy. Dummy half scoots. Second phase play. His effort leads to lift

    • I don't think Dylan's effort needs to lift. He provides the most effort out of anyone with his cover tackles. He also makes so many tackles for a half. He loves the contact. IMO Dylan needs to chose where he exerts his effort. He needs to be more effective with the ball in his hand rather than overplay his hand by demanding it and taking it away from Moses.

  • The Eels ability to outpace the Panthers and defend well is were the game will be won and lost. As you stated, the Panthers play an uptempo game and if we don't slow them down in the ruck/tackle and get up in their faces quick in defence, they will just run the Eels raggaed. 

    To beat the Panthers the Eels will need to smash them into submission through defence which will give the boys the confidence to then run through them in attack. If they start to play desperasion football and think they are going to run around the Panthers, instead of going through them, the Panther's will do exactly that to the Eels. 

    You can run around shit teams but can only win going through good teams. 

    If this is a realy bludger of a game, whoever wins will have a really hard time the following week against the Storm, but if either team has a runaway victory, then they are a real chance at getting over the Storm the following week. 

  • 1. Edge Defence.

    2. Don't get left on the ground after a tackle.

    3. Markers do the job right, It's not a place to stand because you are too tired to run back into the defence line.

    4. Ball control. Cut out the bloody errors ( You know who you are )

    5. Disipline, There are cameras everywhere, You won't get away with it & they can come back to it. Don't do it

         ( Again you know who you are )

    6. Stick to the game plan. Side to side doesn't work for us.

    7. Moses and D Brown, Take the line on early and get into the game.

    8. Score more points than pamfers.

    • You said

      "(again you know who are you)"

      and instantly 3-4 players ran through my mind 😂

  • I thought our defence was excellent mostly against the Knights. I know they scored 20 points but they scored them the same way. First try was unlucky with Moses on the wing getting sucked in by the Ponga pass, then a blatant obstruction try.
    The next two were a case of Fergo being too tight on his Centre. This is obviously how they're coached and it's a problem. Dunster got caught out against Melbourne exactly the same way. They need to fix that up. 
    Look for for Cleary kicking in behind Fergo. Gutho needs to keep that in mind. He'll have to follow the ball closer than usual on that side. 

    • Even one of Fergo's was a grubber kick in behind that was questionably grounded. You could probably say only one of Newcastle's tries was due to a genuine defensive breakdown. But I do agree in that Fergo needs to trust his inside more.

  • I'm so nervous about Saturday my hopes are high but my years of eels letting me down has me sure it will be painful.

    Unfortunately for me I'm working night shift on Saturday and will have my phone turned off trying not to check the score till after when I watch the reply. 

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