Are we serious?

Win, lose or draw this side will be out coached when it matters most. Sorry, but IMO the reality. 

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  • 100%

    The right edge has been a issue for weeks and it just gets worse.

  • Agreed. But why is not being addressed? Given, subject to the Storm and Newcastle outcome) we have the best defence in the NRL, imagine how good we could be if we got that in order!!


  • I for one am usually positive but that was hard to watch, the more the game went on the more I was getting depressed! If we don't use that and the manly game as wake up calls we will get trounced come finals

  • Not our best performance by far. Our last 3 games do not compare to our form in the opening rounds. The positive is we won despite our shitness.

  • If all games were played at BWS we would probably win the competition.....

  • Agree 200%. Any team with a bit of a brain would just attack our right side. Free points. We need to learn how to attack on the oppositions 10. 

  • It wasn't pretty Benny but is was a wain against a traditional rival that always give us a hard game nevertheless. In days of old we lose that game.

    What is obvious is it's time to give Waqa a spell and a crash course in defence. It pains me to say it but bring in Takka to tighten up the leaky edge. 

     Brad will not be happy, rather than playing direct in the second half when we had the running we played sideways and became easy to read. That is easy rectified.

  • The game went exactly how I thought it would go.  We always play to their scrappy level.  However, leading 18-0 on  adry track we should have spaced them.   IMO   Dylan BROWN is way off form. Maybe the long season, the niggling injuries but he ran for 50 metres and gave us no attacking options.   Reed is a tackling machine and everyone is now well aware of teh 20 metre pass and crash balls to the front rowers.  WE need to have a utility option for him either side of half time.  Maybe Rankin is next cab of teh rank. Ex 5/8 in super league.  Very average today though. 

  • We are finding ways to win these games, which is what we need to do. We will need to lift at the pointy end, but that is still some time away. In the mean time, we just need to be collecting the 2 points. Simple as that.

  • This blog is void, drunkas usaual, we won idiot be happy, just got to laugh with some of the post on here

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