Are we in for another disappointing Year??

To be honest the eels have been a total disappoitment in this tournament they have not showed us anything to get excited about, I fear what lays ahead for us in the NRL competition this year is just another one of our many years of heartace.


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  • i agree we were very scrappy but there were some promising signs. Overall though, 9's is a totally different game

    • I realy hope that you're right Chris.

  • Not at all, we looked decent in defence and glimpses in attack.

    Wait til we play 13 a side game then comment on what we think, no Jennings, Blake, Brown's, Mahoney, RCG

    Come rd 1 we'll be right

    • True, didn't realise just how much star power we didn't play 

    • Hope you right mate I really do

    • lets hope so LB its been a very painfull 34 years wait for another premiership.

    • come round 1 we still need a coach that can coach, then we will be fine.

      • Well if you don't think BA can coach, then a change now isn't going to help us for Round 1.

      • What do we do if we lose the first game under a new coach?

        • stick with him or her!!!


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