Are our Eels relentless enough to win it. l.

  1.  In my years of watching footy the relentless teams with defensive intensity ,the continual roll of a wave in attack for the full 80 minutes are generally the overall winners of competitions. Week in week out it has to be produced. The grunt work  is necessary  to unleash the stars.  In your face defence for 80, zip and run from dummy half. Everybody backing up a half break. Our great Eels sides had it,  the Storm and Roosters have shown it the last 20 years . We have the players ,we have the coaching staff , do we have the desire to get it done.   

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    • Lol seth. I'll need a .50cal

      • Actually it is not a religion but you can be a practising Christian (some churches, not the literal ones). Interesting the population in Brazil are just about all Catholics and of them over 50% (and higher) represent as "spiritists".

        In saying that you can practice any religion and still regard yourself as a spiritist, you need to believe in reincarnation as a prerequisite just the praying, no churches, no's not a tiring belief system that's for sure.

        Seth the tenets you refer to are not that literal, you would be safe to leave your gun in the coffin Lol

  • BA has to lead foremost, no tolerance for slackers. Pick the right 80 minute men is where winning starts. 

    • Your right Seth there is/was not enough attention in this discussion as to BA's leadership.

      I lost support for him last year and said so, believing he had lost the room over his son. I believe the players came back under him after those very ordinary performances as they rationalised the damage they were doing to their own careers.

      I don't believe any of this was lost on the current executive, who realised that if we retain BA we need to readjust our credibility. I don't know who went out and got Ennis and Mary but I am guessing it wasn't BA. Their perspective (the executive) will take a lot of interest in the personal feedback.

      Finally with JA, I believe he was never capable past the first and second match (the first was a pass mark and we all wished him well and got contaminated with the emotion of a father son scene).....after this we had no chance and it was at this time BA lost the team. 

      In completeing my views on JA I do not want to see the kid fail just to prove I was right or for that matter BA to prove the same thing. I have said my piece and hope that he does improve with the benefit of the full year behind him. I still believe he would have been better sending him to his mate at Newcastle to at least establish him as a credible player for Parra in the future. 

      My optimism is not clouded enough to hope or wish any ill will to Parra players, one of the strong reasons why I continue to support the leaders we have.

  • From memory you got turfed for that  I'd give em a few bucks to promote their cause. And I did say ( bucks) 

    • Yep, they got me for obscene images.......

  • The way to win a comp is:

    1 - have a good team actually capable of winning games, and equally as important,

    2 - luck (with injuries, calls, juniors taking the next step etc especially when the timing is right and in games that matter)

    • Nitram, it's a pity you weren't  around in 1908 with those two pearls of wisdom. Imagine all the heartache and pain that could of been avoided.

      • Lol seth but at least now that we finally know know how to fix this, we can just, like, fucking do it and stop losing and being unllucky....finally

        • Randy, I don't know if the bloke is trying to be funny. If he's  not ,where did we go wrong with the children  ?

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