Apparently Mahoney and BA's relationship has strained

According to Paul Crawley the relationship between BA and Mahoney Strained a bit leading up to the Hooker signing a 4 year deal with Canterbury, now we will never know and read into as you will. Also, Ray Price went off head, since when does he not do that, about the club losing players and not listening to them. Pretty much stating that they dont listen to anyone even them as they won a comp. To Ray i say you won a comp in the 80's, the game has evolved rapidly in 40 years therefore it is much more different to what you were used to, what you can offer in advice could be outdated in today's NRL so i appreciate his passion but don't make it about yourself.

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  • I expect to see a flood of Gould's media buddies putting lots of articles out there re Reed vBA tensions with desired effect . Whether true or not it's never been spoken about before? Of course the pumpkin head wants him for this year! Bugger him I say no release unless we have a similar quality at the ready 

    • I wonder of Cotric will come into this process?

      • That' is what we need now right now.

        12 months we have to get a starting rake.

        1 resign Paulo if possible 

        2 get that big outside back and Cotric fits that bill.

  • LB if you have so many experts here giving anyone that cares to listen, advice or outlining where we are going wrong! Why can't a past captain & player have a say or give advice? Passion & big thing in the nrl & Price had tons of it, passion is the same in any era. 

  • Apparently,  I heard that the eels board were waiting for the black Friday sales and thought that if they'd held out they would get a 35% discount ...

    • You got the email just then too

    • Bahahahahahahahaha Gold!

      Just spat my coffee out in laughter. Cheers for the laugh, been a tough week. 

      • Cheers guys, nothing like a good laugh at these times, 😀

  • Would've,  Could've,  Should've, It is Brown, It is Mahoney, it is Moses, it is Gutho, what it is? All speculation! 
    We do not know if Mahoney is up himself and doesn't listen, we do not know if the club offered him the same coin as the Dogs.
    What we do know is the management said signing BA would bring stability and certainty and management wrote that it is ludicrous to say they lowballed players. Well the evidence at the moment would indicate otherwise. 

  • Crawley is one hell of a journalist, if not for his opinion, I would have assumed BA congratulated Reed and organised a “thanks for for shitting” on the club who developed and nurtured him into an NRL quality player only to sign for the club who gave him no hope and discarded him.


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