Apparently Mahoney and BA's relationship has strained

According to Paul Crawley the relationship between BA and Mahoney Strained a bit leading up to the Hooker signing a 4 year deal with Canterbury, now we will never know and read into as you will. Also, Ray Price went off head, since when does he not do that, about the club losing players and not listening to them. Pretty much stating that they dont listen to anyone even them as they won a comp. To Ray i say you won a comp in the 80's, the game has evolved rapidly in 40 years therefore it is much more different to what you were used to, what you can offer in advice could be outdated in today's NRL so i appreciate his passion but don't make it about yourself.

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            • I hope your picking finger didn't smell like Hoppa's afterwards

              • lol..only one way to find out.

                we'll need hoppa himself and glenn morrison


          • 9852114267?profile=original

  • I'm disappointed in both parties because the club put so much time into getting him to the state he is now. Its sad to see someone else benefit off of our hard work and an indictment in the club for not getting the deal across the line.

    If there are issues BA and ONeil needed to have plan B up and running before letting this cluster run its course.For me it's still the club that have screwed this.

  • One thing will be abundantly clear and that is that there will be no more love from the Eels faithful for young Reed. He will go from one of the favourites to the despised. I wonder how he will handle the lack of love coming his way ? 

    • 2022 could contain some real ugly moments fathead if he stays and plays, but plays like shit. We will for defs let him know that he plays bad,  and that he should feel bad about it

      • I don't think i'm gonna be able to cheer for him, even if he scores a try.


  • Wondering if Reed will be in tomorrow's  team Christmas gifts collection activity. 

  • He might as well go now can't see to many people cheering him on next season arfter this BS  and if this is true and they don't see eye to eye just move him on 

    • Moving him on early will only benifit the Dogs.
      Why up there chances for 2022.

      We would be better off sticking him in reserve grade to see out his contract.

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